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Next major version of ScriptRunner for JIRA to be paid-for

5 August 15 Jira
Next major version of ScriptRunner for JIRA to be paid-for
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Next major version of ScriptRunner for Jira to be paid-for

ScriptRunner for JIRA has been helping users to extend and automate JIRA for 8 years and it has become a uniquely powerful tool within the Atlassian ecosystem. On 1st September 2015 we release the first JIRA Data Center compatible version of ScriptRunner for JIRA, providing support for the most complex of environments.

From just 3 cents per day for a Starter license

What that means is that for more than 50% of ScriptRunner for JIRA's installed base, it will cost $100 or less per year to use a fully-supported version of the product. That's just 27 cents per day for the ability to extend and automate your JIRA instance. A Starter licence for up to 10 users is just $10 for the first year, $5 per year thereafter.

Continuing to improve ScriptRunner for JIRA

Since it acquired ScriptRunner, Adaptavist has invested significantly in ScriptRunner for JIRA. Early benefits of this are improved examples, extended JQL functions, performance improvements and increased automation. The addition of SLA-based support and enhanced documentation are also signs that ScriptRunner for JIRA is a platform that organisations can rely on and grow with.

To support Adaptavist's continued investment in the product and provide the enterprise-grade support our clients expect, ScriptRunner for JIRA will become a paid-for Add-On. This will take effect from Version 4.0, scheduled to be released onto the Atlassian Marketplace on 1st September 2015. Versions up to and including 3.1.x will continue to be free to use.

Pricing for Version 4.0 of ScriptRunner for JIRA

Pricing for Version 4.0 of ScriptRunner for JIRA is as follows. From 1st September 2015 it can be purchased either from the Atlassian Marketplace or from Adaptavist directly.

Commercial license 10 users 25 users 50 users 100 users 250 users 500 users 2000 users 10,000 users Unlimited users
USD $10 $25 $100 $250 $750 $1,250 $2,750 $8,000 $12,000

Adaptavist offers users of the Non-Profit, Open-Source and Community editions of JIRA free use of ScriptRunner for JIRA. Users of Academic licenses are eligible for a 50% discount. See the Atlassian Marketplace FAQ for the details.

What you get in Version 4.0

Version 4.0 of ScriptRunner for JIRA will include:

  • Full, assured compatibility with JIRA Data Center
  • Full support in line with the Adaptavist Product Support SLA
  • Brand new documentation with many additional examples covered
  • New examples, tested to against all compatible versions of JIRA
  • Support for migrating from Jelly Escalations to a ScriptRunner Escalation Service
  • Bug fixes and support for JIRA 6.3.X and JIRA 6.4.X

If you have any questions about ScriptRunner for JIRA, features, licensing or compatibility, please contact us. For more information about compatibility, read the FAQ. The Adaptavist Product Support SLA is available here.

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