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Why citizen developers are the future of workplace automation

Why citizen developers are the future of workplace automation
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Why citizen developers are the future of workplace automation

Simon Haighton-Williams writes for IT Pro Portal about the future of automation and the rise of citizen developers

Automation is revolutionizing the way we all work, at a rate never seen before. It is empowering even the most non-technical employee to fully enhance the power of software and free their day from manual and repetitive tasks.

In this article, written for IT Pro Portal, our CEO Simon Haighton-Williams, discussing the rise of 'citizen developers' and how companies can best enable employees to adopt automation, leading to higher rates of productivity and job satisfaction.

"Automation tools can empower any type of user - not just IT - to do more with software. If routine, mundane jobs can be automated, then people can apply themselves to solving more complex, higher value problems, and potentially do more creative projects that make their jobs more interesting and fulfilling," says Simon.

"The rise of low-code and no-code automation tools is making this more achievable than ever. Low- or no- code tools use blocks of readymade automation available via a graphical interface that lets teams easily build apps and simplify tasks and workflows that are relevant to their jobs. They do this by simply dragging and dropping blocks of code together, without needing to know anything about code or gaining specialised training. Some of these tools have been designed on the same fundamental basis as children’s building blocks - so simple its childsplay."

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