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Never miss a beat in Confluence with ScriptRunner’s new watch features

Never miss a beat in Confluence with ScriptRunner’s new watch features
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Never miss a beat in Confluence with ScriptRunner’s new watch features

When Confluence is growing fast, keeping an eye on everything going on in an entire space can quickly become overwhelming. Very often, you only need to watch one page tree rather than the entire space. And ideally you want to automatically track every descendant added to that space. Because this is not possible in Confluence, you risk missing important updates.

With ScriptRunner for Confluence's two new watch features, you can ensure you and your team stay on top of any relevant content with just one click:

  • ‘Watch Descendants’: Watch only selected pages and their children in a Confluence space 
  • ‘Add/Remove Watchers’: Add or remove individuals or groups of watchers to Confluence pages, blogs or spaces

‘Watch Descendants’


Watch Descendants Confluence

The new ‘Watch descendants’ feature in ScriptRunner for Confluence lets you select just the page tree or trees you want to watch in a space. If new content is added to that section or page tree, you won’t have to worry about missing it because you’ll automatically be watching any new page that’s created within it.

Watching and un-watching entire page trees can be done with a simple click, and this new feature is available to all users with ScriptRunner for Confluence 6.5.0 or higher installed. Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

‘Add/Remove Watchers’


Add and Remove Watchers Confluence

With ‘Add/Remove Watchers’, Confluence admins and space admins can quickly and easily add individual users, or groups of users - or both, as watchers of Confluence spaces, blogs, or of pages selected based on a CQL query. Watch this feature in action:

You no longer need the Notifications app

‘Add/Remove Watchers’ and ‘Watch Descendants’ have been improved and added to the core ScriptRunner for Confluence product from Notifications, which is now fully integrated with ScriptRunner for Confluence

As an admin, you will no longer need to update the Notifications app and you can safely delete it from your instance. You and your users will still remain watchers of all pages you were watching previously. However, if users had "Watch descendants" selected on a page via Notifications, they would need to make that selection again so that any new pages added under that parent page will automatically be watched. Find out more in our documentation for Watch Descendants and Add/Remove Watchers.

Tell us what you think

We’d love to know what you think of the new features! Please share your feedback and experiences on our support portal.

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