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Modernising Applications with DevOps

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Doing business in the modern enterprise requires a great deal of collaboration and alignment across the organisation. A DevOps approach that involves your tools, processes, and culture, can transform the way your business operates and allow you to remain competitive.

Though change cannot happen overnight, there are steps you can take today from DevOps methodologies to get your organisation on the right track. Ensuring your teams embrace a culture of change and collaboration, will allow you to easily implement processes like CI/CD and Value Stream Management.

A DevOps approach to legacy system modernisation

IT has never been under more pressure to transform. In order to modernise systems and outpace competitors, organisations need to update  their ways of working, and ways of thinking, to overcome challenges and deliver customers best-in-class experiences and applications.

DevOps is centred around the continuous improvement of software, involving increasing collaboration between development and operations teams. This enhanced connectivity of people, processes and tools is exactly what’s needed to modernise organisation’s systems and revamping legacy ways of working.

Watch Adaptavist's Jobin Kuruvilla, Head of Solutions Strategy and presenter of DevOps Decrypted podcast, and guests including Cormac Foster from our partner GitLab, on Day-to-Day DevOps with Helen Beal. They discuss how DevOps can modernise system applications to make your organisation more agile and competitive.

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Modernising Applications with DevOps

Day-to-day DevOps - Modernising Applications with DevOps

The way forward with modernisation

Though DevOps strategies will look different in every organisation, it’s impossible to ignore the benefits of modernisation. From improved business agility, enhanced team performance, cost reductions, better security, and more, the benefits will positively impact all corners of an organisation.

Adaptavist offers thoughtful approaches to your DevOps transformation, providing intelligent insights and solutions to modernise your legacy systems. We provide expert consulting and managed services, partnering with best-in-class technologies to deliver end-to-end DevOps services and solutions. These include building and implementing CI/CD processes, offering Value Stream Management solutions, and much more! 

Find out how Adaptavist’s DevOps services, along with our partner solutions, can transform and align your organisation via modernisation.

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Jobin Kuruvilla

Jobin Kuruvilla

Jobin Kuruvilla is a DevOps subject matter expert, and an experienced solutions expert and App developer. Jobin has several certifications under his belt, including Atlassian products, GitLab certified PSE, AWS, Kubernetes, Jenkins to name a few, and has spearheaded implementing Digital Transformation for teams and enterprises.