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Life as a Hijabi in the tech industry

Life as a Hijabi in the tech industry
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Life as a Hijabi in the tech industry

Today Adaptavist is pleased to be celebrating World Hijab day.

As part of our celebration, one our of Business Consultants, Nisha Hajamohideen, is hosting a lunch in our London office to answer some of our questions about life as a Hijabi, especially in the tech industry, and showing us how to wear a hijab.

Last week, we caught up with Nisha over video call to learn more about her experiences.

“It’s always good, if your Hijabi colleague is comfortable with it,  to have an open conversation. Healthy conversations are always welcome. You can talk about your questions with them. It’s actually not easy to observe this dress code here (in the UK), so if a colleague has chosen this as part of her life, it is important to make her comfortable in the work environment,” Nisha told us.

Learn more about her experiences of being a Hijabi in the tech industry in the video below:  

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