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Last chance to get Form Mail at a discount

Last chance to get Form Mail at a discount
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Last chance to get Form Mail at a discount

With just over a week left of our discount celebrating the launch of Form Mail for Confluence, this is your final chance to purchase Form Mail with a 25% discount.

Let us know what you think

The launch of Form Mail has been a great experience. We'd like to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to try the new add-on and especially those of you who we've had the opportunity to speak to in recent weeks. If you'd like to give us feedback or tell us the ways you've been putting Form Mail to use, don't hesitate to contact us.

Form Mail for Confluence is a simple and elegant tool for creating custom mail forms directly in your Confluence pages to meet your specific needs. The highly configurable nature of Form Mail means you can create mail forms to meet many different use cases. We've recently published some hints and tips in our recent blog post as well as our documentation for the new Form Mail which can help you in getting started in using this powerful tool.

What's Next for Form Mail?

We've been receiving lots of great feedback from users, including suggestions on how we can continue improving Form Mail for Confluence. We're currently in the process of developing our product roadmap based on this and we'll be looking to share this information with you in the coming weeks and aim to release upgrades to Form Mail with new and improved features on a quarterly basis. As always, follow our blog for the most up-to-date and important information on all our add-ons.

If you would like to make feature requests or suggestions you'd like to see incorporated into Form Mail, please do get in touch with us at and we'd appreciate the opportunity to discuss your suggestions with you further.

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