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Talks I most want to see at Atlassian Team '21

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So many wonderful talks, so few hours in a day.

As usual, there are a lot of talks I would like to attend, but won't have the right timings for on the day, so I am going to have to be picky. 

This year, there are so many, I can not limit myself to the usual five or six!

Read about all the sessions and register for Team '21 here!
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Keynote: Conversation with Stewart Butterfield, Slack CEO and Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO

Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Atlassian

Stewart Butterfield, CEO and Co-Founder, Slack

Eric Yuan, Founder and CEO, Zoom

I don't usually highlight the keynotes, as they tend to speak for themselves, but this one stuck out this time, having three highly successful CEOs all making their name in collaboration tools.

I would like to hear how their perspectives have evolved alongside the tools they have been building, as well as how they think things will change, and how they might adapt to that change themselves.

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7 Trello workflows for building your team’s remote culture

Leah Ryder, Brand Marketing ScriptRunner. Team Lead, Atlassian

I am not a heavy user of shared Trello boards, using them mainly for myself, and when needing to share, usually reaching to the Jira that the people I'm sharing with are using.

I can see Trello having a lot of use in shared spaces and I'd like to see this one simply to steal the ideas. The topic of remote teams is close to me as well, my team has been mostly remote for years before the pandemic, but we could be doing better at it, and I think Trello can help.

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Digital health: Staying sane and healthy in an online world

Chirag Harendra, Consultant

I have carried a "not affecting me" attitude to this (COVID-19, Lockdown, etc) for a long time, but began to become conscious that digital health really matters after I started being responsible for running a team of other people.

Seeing how screen time was a problem for them, I became more aware that it could well be causing me problems too, so I'm keen to hear more about it and what might be able to help, both my people and myself.

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Choose your own adventure: Get involved with Atlassian Community

Monique van den Berg, Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Atlassian

Well, of course I want to see this one! Not so much to learn about the Community, as a long-in-the-tooth leader in the Community, I have found and used a lot of help already. And then contributed where I can.

But I don't know what it looks like from the outside.

And, yes, I'll be bringing my original "Warlock of Firetop Mountain" to re-read afterwards.

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Scaling DevOps strategies using Jira Align

Cannon Lafferty, Senior Transformation Consultant, Adaptavist

Jennifer Eolin, Technical Consultant, Adaptavist

The part of agile I have always seen problems with is doing it at scale. Scale is not a matter of having a large number of teams all working in agile ways, it is about seeing the overall picture, making sure that the teams are working towards a common objective, explaining how they need to work together no matter what individual team goals might be, and, most importantly, getting the information visible to everyone so people can see and question everything as they need.

I've worked with Jira Align, but mostly around the team level and technical points, so I'm interested in what it can do at the higher levels.

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Introducing the Loop: A framework for predictable comms in an unpredictable world

Rachel Lin, Product Manager, Team Central, Atlassian

Mary Raleigh, Product Marketing Manager, Team Central, Atlassian

Communication is at the heart of getting anything done whenever there is more than one person involved, and it is an eternal problem. As technology evolves, so do our communication problems.

So anything that might help with the current range of problems is of interest to me.

(I also have an instinctive dislike of spreadsheets - I've found that any spreadsheet with more than one person editing it, there's a very high chance it's wrong)

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What I wish I'd known: Moving Splunk’s 10,000 users to cloud

Greg Warner, Senior Atlassian Administrator, Splunk

This one is something of a "cheat", as I have had a couple of chats with Greg about this project, mainly on specific details within it.

I'd like to hear what he thinks the most important parts of it are for a wider audience!

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How an open approach to DevOps gives you the flexibility to adapt to anything

Ian Buchanan, Principle Partner Engineer, Atlassian

Patrick Debois, Director of Market Strategy, Snyk

Melissa McKay, Developer Advocate, jFrog

Patrick Deuley, ScriptRunner. Product Manager, Ecosystem, GitLab, Inc.

I've spent my career trying to make things better for people by trying to make machines talk to each other, and hence let the humans get on with the more interesting, less automate-able work. That's not the only thing DevOps is for, of course, so I want to hear how this all fits in with the other elements of DevOps.

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So many fantastic talks, so little time.

You can view the entire event overview for Team '21 here.

Are you going to be attending Team '21? Connect with us on social media @Adaptavist on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and use the hashtag #AtlassianTeam21 to let us know what's on your mind.

See you online!

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