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Introducing on-demand Atlassian admin with Adaptavist Assist

Introducing on-demand Atlassian admin with Adaptavist Assist
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Introducing on-demand Atlassian admin with Adaptavist Assist

Most businesses we work with are quick to see the benefits of Atlassian tools, but finding the time and skills to effectively manage day-to-day Jira and Confluence administration can be a challenge.

Smaller teams may find that they don't require a dedicated full-time admin — or if they do, that finding and training the right person is time-consuming and can delay projects. Yet mobilising a fleet of internal admins can prove equally burdensome for larger enterprises, especially when an initiative needs rolling out quickly. Then there's the challenge of filling in the knowledge gap while newly-trained employees get to grips with Atlassian technology and require support.

Once internal Atlassian admins are ready to go, they face the unique pressures of keeping tools and processes simple for people to use and shouldering blame when things go wrong — all while making sure that their instances can scale with business growth.

Despite these challenges, applying best practices to application administration is the key to smoothing out inefficiencies, making sure your tools are usable and realising the true value of your Atlassian investment.

That's why we've developed Adaptavist Assist. 

Jira admin and Confluence admin, delivered as a service

Adaptavist Assist brings the world's best Jira and Confluence admins to your fingertips, giving you on-demand access to the world's largest Atlassian-certified workforce to administer your Atlassian tools.

Offering expert front-end management of your Jira or Confluence instance as a fully managed service, Assist helps you standardise processes and apply best practices to ensure your systems are usable, scalable and performing at their best for all your users. 

So whether you're looking to bolster existing teams with our capability or completely outsource your Jira admin to the world's leading Atlassian experts, Assist has you covered. 

Support that scales

Because we know that no single offering fits every team, we've designed Assist to reflect that. Think of it as an SLA-backed managed service with the flexibility to match your business needs.

This means that whether you've been using Atlassian tools for some time or are embarking on a business-wide rollout and need help desk capability, Assist can help you scale your use of Atlassian technology as fast as you need to.

Assist helps our customers to manage daily Atlassian admin while they source and train their own full-time resource, leaving existing teams free to complete strategic work. Other Assist customers are able to avoid complex internal processes to fund their Atlassian customisation projects, due to Assist's simple subscription model. 

Assist might also be right for you if you:

  • Love your tools but don't want to manage a complete Atlassian suite
  • Need admin support but don't require a full-time team member
  • Want to access ad hoc, short-term technical expertise quickly

In short, whether you're start-up scale or enterprise level, new to Atlassian tools or seasoned pros, Assist's services can help you — directly from your internal Jira instance at the click of a button.  

World-class Atlassian expertise, on-budget

Assist is delivered via a simple, transparent pricing model based solely on application numbers and user tiers. It's not limited by tickets, which means that as long as they stay within a fair usage policy, your named admins can submit as many tickets to the Assist service desk as they like.

We also believe collaboration leads to great things, which is why Assist customers receive support far beyond a single dedicated administrator. Instead, Assist gives you access to an entire team of Atlassian experts, meaning you can benefit from our full spectrum of experience across the Atlassian stack.

So as well as ensuring your instances are easy for your teams to use, we identify further areas for tool utilisation and optimisation to ensure you're always getting the most out of your investment. 

Expert daily admin backed by the world's deepest Atlassian consulting expertise — it's time to make Atlassian admin painless. 


Heading to this year's Atlassian Summit? Come and join us at booth 1131 to learn more about how Assist can help your team.

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