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In the press: 3 building blocks for Enterprise Digital Transformation

3 building blocks for Enterprise Digital Transformation
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DevOps has evolved from a novel concept to a buzzword in every boardroom over the last decade. With society increasing its reliance on digitisation and demands for speed and convenience heightening , enterprises of all types have had to change their business culture to help their teams to work together with greater speed and autonomy.

Simon Haighton - Williams, Adaptavist CEO, has been asked by to discuss the key building blocks for enterprise digital transformation.

In the article, Simon talks about changing culture and empowering employees, and how applying fundamental DevOps principles and tools can drive transformation.

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"The 2021: Future of the Atlassian ecosystem report revealed that 54% of organisations have implemented a DevOps strategy—up from 48% in 2020. A further 27% of respondents are hoping to adopt a DevOps strategy in the next three years."
Simon Haighton - Williams, Adaptavist, CEO

Read the article to learn more about ensuring successful DevOps initiatives and driving forward organisational transformation

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