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How to improve JIRA with ScriptRunner Behaviours

23 February 16 Jira
How to improve JIRA with ScriptRunner Behaviours
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How to improve Jira with ScriptRunner Behaviours

ScriptRunner is installed in more than 12,000 JIRA instances. One of the most useful ways that it augments and extends JIRA is to help improve data integrity and user experience with what we call Behaviours.

In ScriptRunner, a Behaviour defines how fields operate in the context of defined groups of projects or issues. By adding this extra, contextual, logic, you can do things like make specific fields mandatory when specific conditions occur. For example, you can set a field or types of fields read-only to certain users. You can also set-up field value dependencies so that they are displayed conditionally.

What are Behaviours?

ScriptRunner Behaviours are great for controlling what users can enter in JIRA fields or cleaning up your JIRA screens and transitions for a cleaner user experience. They also help ensure your issues have the highest level of data integrity by intelligently controlling what choices users have and what data they can enter.

How do we set them up?

With ScriptRunner it's easy to set up a new Behaviour. ScriptRunner for JIRA comes with pre-created "recipes" or you can script your own using Groovy. Here are three powerful ScriptRunner Behaviours to get you started.

Three useful ScriptRunner Behaviours

#1: Ensure a Fix Version value is set

This Behaviour ensures your projects have a Fix Version value set whenever a resolution of Fixed is selected. If any other resolution value is chosen, the Fix Version field won't be displayed at all. Find out more.

#2: Ensure you include a link for duplicate issues

This Behaviour ensures your projects have a Link field when a user selects a resolution of Duplicate. If any other resolution value is chosen, the Link field is not displayed. Find out more.

#3: Reduce your list of system field values

This Behaviour lets you reduce your list of available priorities. You can do the same thing for other fields (like Resolution). Try this Behaviour now.

Read more about ScriptRunner Behaviours in the documentation or try ScriptRunner for JIRA for yourself.

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