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How to create great pages in Confluence

Hugh Davey
27 September 19 Confluence
How to create great pages in Confluence
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How to create great pages in Confluence

Confluence is an open and accessible tool which allows teams to collaborate on work via an internal wiki. Unlike file-sharing tools, Confluence is fully-self contained and creates a single source of truth which can be seen and edited by anyone in your workplace, depending on the permissions enabled. It's a powerful yet light-weight way to store, share, and edit internal documentation and information.

To get you started here is our beginners How-To guide to get you Confluence-savvy in next to no time.

#1 How to create pages in Confluence

If your organisation is using Confluence, it is likely that you are going to create a page at some point. Creating a page is easy, and the editing tools available in Confluence are typical for a word processing tool. In this section, we cover the initial step of creating a page, as well as some features to consider when doing so such as moving pages, history and versions, and templates and blueprints.


#2 How to edit pages in Confluence

In Confluence, you will likely spend a lot of your time writing and editing pages, so it will help to have a good understanding of all of the tools you have at your fingertips. Confluence includes some fairly standard editing tools such as paragraph styling, text formatting, and lists. In this section, we walk through each of these editing tools and give a brief overview of what they're all about.

#3 Take your Confluence pages to the next level with labels and macros

Labels allow you to group and categorise content across your Confluence instance. Several macros use labels, including Page Properties, Content by Label, and Labels List. Let's talk about how to add a label to a page and some best practices around labels first. 

Macros are various plug-ins in Confluence that extend your content beyond what you can do with the basic editor. There are macros to add additional formatting, as well as macros to connect to Jira. Let's talk about a few macros that you might find useful. 

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Now you've learned the basics of how to create and edit pages in Confluence, put what you have learned into practice and take your Confluence skills up a level.

Want to level up your Confluence for beginners skills to do even more? We also do live training! 

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