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How HipChat is becoming a command centre for teams

How HipChat is becoming a command centre for teams
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How HipChat is becoming a command centre for teams

With 35 new integrations already available, HipChat is fast becoming a command centre containing all important and urgent team and project information.

As with all Atlassian software, the ability to customise the core functionality to meet your specific needs is a major benefit. You can write your own integrations or enhancements or turn to an ecosystem of add-ons. Here we look at 10 of the key HipChat integrations and how they can help to achieve more within chat.

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Keeping things flowing

StatusPage allows your team to view disruption reports and to keep tabs on service performance. Notifications in the glance window can be brought into the chat window for immediate discussion.

Instant crash and error reports can also be sent direct to your chat window via Sentry. Simple alerts can be clicked on for more detail and context to help you deal with errors in real time.

Atlassian's own Bitbucket add-on for HipChat helps prevent blockages in development reviews. Not only can pull request status be viewed within chat reviewers can be 'poked' to remind them feedback is needed.

Automating deployment

Chef's automated configuration and deployment abilities have now been integrated into HipChat using ChatOps. So no need to exit chat to import node status or cookbook version information just use the executable commands.

Puppet will soon allow you to manage your software and orchestration deployments from the chat window and to actually see them take place while GitHub's integration will provide a quick view of any of your coding's progress in whichever chat room you choose.

Ticket inspector

Support functions can also be streamlined via the chat interface. Support tickets can now be viewed directly in HipChat's window via Zendesk's add-on, allowing team discussion and planning and visible resolution of issues.

Any other business?

BlueJeans goes beyond the native video capabilities available to HipChat Plus users, offering group video and screen-sharing directly from within the chat interface.

Uber integration allows shared team transport to be booked with full team visibility.

And for sweet, sweet relief, HipSnake brings retro fun in the shape of the classic Snake game to your team's chat room. Don't let it get too competitive!

Surely all we need now is a Domino's Pizza integration and we're sorted for late night team working too.

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