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Getting started with Git

Getting started with Git
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Getting started with Git

Git is fast becoming an industry standard with development teams the world over taking advantage of its superior speed, flexibility and support for distributed, non-linear workflows.

Getting started with Git

Atlassian has been quick to embrace this powerful way of managing code but conscious that switching to a different way of working can be challenging for organisations. With Git Essentials, Atlassian bundles together three of its leading products to provide an integrated system for working with Git. Jira Agile for task management, Stash (or BitBucket in the cloud version) for source code management and Bamboo for application build and deployment.

Connecting code with issues and information

Atlassian users are able to work within what is effectively one environment. All the information related to issues, people and tasks are accessible from a single interface with bi-directional links taking the user from one system to another connecting issues, code and build information and providing full traceability for developers and project managers alike.

Git Essentials naturally supports the common Git workflows Centralized, Feature Branch, Gitflow and Forking making it easy enough to begin using the standard workflows but flexible enough for them to adopt more advanced, custom workflows in due course.

A revolutionary approach

Central to Git and to Atlassian's Git Essentials solution is its revolutionary approach to branching and pull requests. Whereas creating branches in traditional code management systems can be costly and time consuming, branching within Git is virtually instantaneous and thus inexpensive. This means that branching can become a regular part of your developers basic toolkit, radically changing the way your teams are able to work on code.

Pull requests are another core feature of Git, and Atlassian's integrated approach provides seamless access from any of the underlying systems to the peer reviewing, commenting and approval of proposed code changes prior to them being merged into the main project repository.

Transforming your application lifecycle

Git undoubtedly transforms the way development projects are run, helping to standardise and control the way dev teams work. For those getting started with Git, Git Essentials provides a one-stop-shop for information, collaboration and action that is flexible and scalable. It offers what we call one source of truth giving you the right information at the right time in the right place.

For more information about how we can help you deploy these technologies to transform your application lifecycle, contact Adaptavist now.

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