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Four ways Form Mail for Confluence powers-up your wiki

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Four ways Form Mail for Confluence powers-up your wiki

The simplicity of Form Mail makes it a highly versatile tool that can be deployed to increase communication and gather information in lots of different ways. It can be very powerful in transforming business processes, being used to generate leads, gather information, develop points of contact with customers and even help improve the quality of service you provide.

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In this blog we outline four examples to help introduce you to Form Mail for Confluence and some of the ways it can be used. Instructions on how to create all four mail form examples can be found online as part of our documentation.

Create Contact Us forms

You can use Form Mail to create a simple form that can be used to leave a short (or long) message and request specific information such as name and email address or leave it entirely anonymous.

This simple form can easily be extended to gather additional information, or modified to create a feedback form with several fields, making it an excellent tool to encourage customers to get in touch.

Allow customers to leave call requests

Users can leave the relevant information and a time they'd like to be contacted, you can even set mandatory fields (such as phone numbers) so you always get actionable information. Other relevant information such as their name can be auto completed using their Confluence account and you can specify mandatory fields (such as phone numbers).

This very quick and easy process makes Form Mail for Confluence an effective tool for encouraging conversations between your organisation and customers so you can start those important discussions and build valuable relationships.

Invite anonymous voting on content and features

Form Mail can be used anonymously, making it a great tool to gather honest opinions. This can be useful when your organisation has several options to consider and wants to take into account a large number of views. You can set up a simple Form Mail that can be used for voting on such an issue and gather honest opinions. You can even set the the subject header of all mails to clearly distinguish it from your other emails.

This is a very quick and easy way to get your team engaged in the project selection process! Expand this by using selection boxes instead and allowing preferential voting or create an anonymous suggestion box!

Simplify bug reporting

Setup a Mail Form as a quick tool to track new bugs found by your team. Customers don't always know what information will help you resolve their issues quickly and easily. Define the relevant criteria and send the message directly to your support teams email address. By specifying mandatory fields you can capture the information your team needs to take investigate and respond. This can be a powerful driver in transforming your business processes, enabling you to reduce investigation and response times and improve quality of service.

You can easily take this a step further and use this to automatically generate a ticket in your JIRA, simplifying the whole process and ensuring that reported bugs become actionable issues.

The launch of Form Mail for Confluence

These are just a few ways you could use Form Mail for Confluence and we're always interested in hearing about the creative ways our customers use our products. To celebrate the launch of Form Mail for Confluence, we're offering a promotional 25% discount on the purchase of new licenses. It's available by clicking here:

Please note that the offer is only available to users of a commercial license and is valid until June 30th 2014. Form Mail NG for Confluence versions up to 5.2 will still be available and free-of-charge.

Download and install Form Mail now and take a look at the best mail form handler for Confluence. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss your specific needs and find out how Form Mail for Confluence could help your organisation.

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