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Forms and Community Forums for Confluence are Cloud Fortified!

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Back in July 2021, we announced that four of Adaptavist’s apps had achieved Cloud Fortified status. We’ve just gone one better: Forms for Confluence and Community Forums for Confluence have both achieved the Cloud Fortified badge!

Why is Cloud Fortified such a big deal?

Atlassian’s Cloud Fortified Apps program is designed to improve reliability and security, and offer enhanced support for apps in the Atlassian marketplace. To quote Atlassian’s July announcement, “customers who rely on apps from Atlassian’s Marketplace need to be able to trust that the apps they’re deploying are as secure and reliable as the Atlassian products they’re built on.” 

Cloud security standards have been a hot topic in the ecosystem recently, and it’s crucial for customers to have cloud products that perform consistently and meet high standards of security. 

At Adaptavist we’ve always promised to deliver high-quality products that meet customers' needs. By participating in the Cloud Fortified program and meeting the strict requirements for the badge, we’re committing to deliver that promise.

Benefits of Cloud Fortified apps

Not all cloud apps in the marketplace have the Cloud Fortified badge. The approvals process is rigorous to ensure that apps:

  • Participate in all six Atlassian cloud app security programs.
  • Undergo extra service reliability and performance checks, and meet Atlassian’s app reliability SLAs.
  • Integrate incident and review processes with Atlassian.
  • Abide by Atlassian’s app support SLAs.

At Adaptavist, our Cloud Fortified apps offer:


  • Enhanced reliability and data resiliency to ensure business continuity.
  • The opportunity to identify and respond outages quickly.


  • Access to improved escalation and coordination channels with Atlassian.
  • A standardised customer support journey with Atlassian, providing better coordination between Atlassian and Adaptavist to resolve customer issues quickly.


  • Increased customer confidence in apps, giving customers more information to perform security evaluations.

Our newest Cloud Fortified apps

Forms for Confluence

Create secure, fillable forms for data collection inside Confluence to improve HR processes and gather feedback.

Woman in front of a giant blue screen with pop-out speech boxes

Find out how Forms for Confluence can help you achieve your data collection goals

Community Forums for Confluence

Add forums directly to Confluence pages to encourage collaboration and communication across teams.

Woman in front of giant blue screen with pop out text boxes and movement arrows

Discover how Community Forums for Confluence can encourage communication

Community Forums and Forms for Confluence join our existing Cloud Fortified apps: ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud, ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud, Content Formatting Macros for Confluence Cloud and Enhanced Search.

Our commitment to privacy and security

Our Cloud Fortified status is just one of the many steps we take as a business to ensure data security and privacy are at the heart of everything we do. In addition, we're ISO 27001 certified across ScriptRunner apps and Managed Services, and we’ve also been issued the SOC 2 Type 1 audit report. You can read more about this on our Adaptavist Trust Centre.

Try one of our Cloud Fortified apps today

We’re proud to participate in Atlassian’s heightened security and trust program to ensure that our customers get the best possible products and service from us. If you haven’t tried one of our market-leading apps yet, you can access them now for free.

Check out our apps here