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Finding Confluence macros

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Finding Confluence macros

Sometimes, it's the little hints, tips and tricks that make life with Confluence a whole lot easier. In this series of blogs, I'll be sharing 5 things I wish I'd known about Confluence when I started using it.

The ability to locate a specific macro within Confluence is an essential skill for any space or site administrator. Perhaps you need to understand how much the macro is being used, or whether internal practices are being followed or you simply want to update or remove a plugin.

When I started using, finding Confluence macros wasn't straightforward. Happily, there's now a quick and easy way to zone in on the macro you're looking for.

Goodbye Macro Usage Plugin

Prior to Confluence 4.0, the Macro Usage Plugin displayed exactly where all your macros were being used, giving you an accurate idea of who was using them. Though an extremely useful feature, it wasn't particularly fast, and as an additional component, required separate installation.

Hello, macroName search query

However, Confluence versions 4.0 and above now have an integrated macroName search query (macroName: *) that uses standard Confluence search functionality. Now, as well as coming with Confluence out-of-the-box, this query uses the search index, so it's extremely quick making it easier than ever before to find a comprehensive list of pages using the macro you're after.

For more Confluence tips and tricks stay tuned in to our blog. For information on how Adaptavist can maximise your investment and performance with Atlassian applications, contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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