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Experience Community Forums 2.1 now

26 November 14 Confluence
Experience Community Forums 2.1 now
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Experience Community Forums 2.1 now

The latest version of Community Forums 2 is now available for Confluence 5.4-5.6. Community Forums version 2.1 is fully DataCenter compatible and owners of a current, valid Community Forums license can download it now.

Community Forums is Adaptavist's solution for creating engaging and exciting discussions in Confluence. It allows you and your teams to create and discuss topics and is a great tool for sharing knowledge throughout your organisation. It's a much-loved product and was originally a feature of Community Bubbles.

We’ve made it a fully-featured and powerful product and, following the recent release of Community Forums 2, this latest release represents another step in its evolution. Our product roadmap and user feedback will ensure that we continue to provide the best Forum plugin for Confluence available.

The power of Community Forums 2.1

Some of the new and improved features in Community Forums 2.1

  • Topic Summary Macro  Updated to the latest Community Forums architecture and UI
  • Migration Task To help you moving existing old forums macros to the latest Community Forums 2 macros
  • Space Level Configuration Giving you greater control over how forums are used at a space level
  • UI and Feature improvements
  • Check out the full list of Community Forums Features and our Release Notes for more details

Start a free trial today

The new Community Forums provides a series of new and improved features to create and manage your forums. We've made it easier than ever to setup a forum in a just matter of minutes and think you'll really enjoy Community Forums to so start your free trial now and see how Community Forums can help you engage your teams more in Confluence.

Or upgrade your existing Community Forums or Community Bubbles

We've specifically created an upgrade task to help users of Community Bubbles and the old Community Forums v 1.x to migrate your existing forum macros to use the new Community Forums 2 macros and access all the new and improved features.

We strongly feel that Community Forums 2 will give you and your users a more pleasant and rewarding experience and would urge you to perform this upgrade as soon as possible.

For more information, visit the Community Forums section or go to the Atlassian Marketplace if you're ready to download.

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