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Even better Confluence form and email management

24 February 15 Confluence
Even better Confluence form and email management
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Even better Confluence form and email management


The latest release of Form Mail gives you greater control over destination email addresses and you can now even store and view sent emails directly in Confluence.

Form Mail for Confluence is one of our most popular products. It provides you with a set of features for setting up email forms directly on Confluence pages for almost any purpose.

Even more powerful

Form Mail for Confluence gives you a host of tools when creating a mail form. In the latest release we've made it even better for Confluence form and email management.

  • A brand new Form Mail Inbox feature to store and view sent mails directly in Confluence with a shared inbox
  • More options when it comes to setting the destination and subject of outgoing mails
  • New date picker, making it much simpler to take a date input from your users
  • Adjustable width of text labels, giving you more control over how forms look on the page

Improved documentation

We've also made some further improvements to our documentation to help clarify some of the more powerful features of Form Mail for Confluence. For more information, see the release notes and documentation.

These new features open up a host of possibilities with Form Mail, giving you even greater flexibility on how you deploy Form Mail for Confluence to meet your needs. We've created a few sample use cases, along with instructions, to help you start using these new features. The latest features and improvements give you even more options to create the perfect mail form for collaboration, communication and productivity.

We love to hear feedback and would like to welcome you to contact us if you have any questions, comments or feedback about Form Mail or any of our products.

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