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Enhanced Search and Filters bring more power to searches in Jira Cloud

Enhanced Search and Filters bring more power to searches in Jira Cloud
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Enhanced Search and Filters bring more power to searches in Jira cloud

There has never been any doubt how critical search in Jira is. Searches and filters break down massive libraries of issues into manageable, organised chunks of information. But there are a few things that "plain" JQL simply can't do, that's why we're introducing Enhanced Search in ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud.

Save time with advanced functionality and dynamic functions

Enhanced Search is designed to create filters that can be used on agile boards and dashboards, giving you exactly the information you need in one place.

Until now, if you wanted to find out how many subtasks were created by "Developer X" in the "New Feature" Epic, you would need to run two searches in Jira Cloud then compare the results yourself. Some folks would export the two Jira searches into an Excel pivot table and then map those results, a process that is painstaking, time-consuming, and unreliable. With Enhanced Search's dynamic functions, you can run a search, then run a second search on the results of the first-- all at one time.

Enhanced Search allows you to manage your issues more effectively, letting fewer things fall through the cracks. Some popular use cases include searching Jira for:

  • Search for parent issues that are closed but still have open subtasks, to make sure nothing has been missed,
  • View all dependencies of a given version, component, task, or blocking issue a given user is assigned to across projects, providing insight on how projects are organised, and
  • Find all issues that were resolved within a certain sprint to see how quickly tasks are being resolved and whether certain business objectives (such as support SLAs) are being met.

How Enhanced Search works

Once you've installed ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud and the Enhanced Search feature has been enabled by your Admin you will see the ScriptRunner Enhanced Search option in the Jira menu.

enhanced search system dashboard


Click that to bring up your search screen.

enhanced search page 

Start writing your search and when you are ready to add a subquery, click the Insert Function button.

insert functions dialog 

This will bring up a pop-up window where you can choose from IssueFunctions galore. Simply make your selection, type in your subquery, and select Add to Query.

insert function complete 

From there you can run your search and save a filter as normal.

Alternatively, there are many examples in the ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud documentation found here that you could just plug in, if they suit your needs.

IssueFunction comes to Jira Cloud

Ever since Atlassian opened the cloud APIs, we've been working hard to bring you these features. We made a step forward in March with the introduction of JQL Aliases, but Enhanced Search delivers the full functionality we know you have been waiting for. Nothing else gives you the capabilities that ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud does. We hope you love it.

Another reason this release is so exciting is that it brings ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud closer to feature parity with ScriptRunner for Jira Server. If you've ever worked with a Server instance, you know that the functionality of Enhanced Search has existed for a while (in the form of JQL Functions.) Since JQL functions aren't possible in Cloud, we've just been chomping at the bit to give you the same abilities that the Server users enjoy.

There are a few differences between the enhanced searching in ScriptRunner for Jira Server and Cloud. They are outlined at the end of the documentation, here.

Want to learn more? Check out the Atlassian Marketplace listing for more detail or to start a free trial of ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud.

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