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Embedding multimedia content in Confluence

Embedding multimedia content in Confluence
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Embedding multimedia content in Confluence

In this series of blogs, I'm sharing my 5 top tips about how to make life with Confluence that little bit easier keep reading to find out how some little hints, tips and tricks can turn you into a Confluence pro in no time.

In my last blog I showed how Confluence's new macroName search query enables you to find a specific macro quickly and easily, saving you valuable time and effort. Here, I want to look at how with just 3 simple shortcuts the Wiki-editor makes embedding multimedia content in Confluence really easy.

Incorporating files and images

The Confluence editor allows you to drag and drop files and images directly from your favourite browser: simply select your file, drag it across and drop it in the right location. This will work for any kind of file, including Word documents and images, and most will be displayed in an appropriate manner with no further editing required.

Alternatively, if you haven't got a saved copy of an image, you can just copy and paste it straight into the editor another great way to integrate your visual content.

Autoconvert for URLs

Autoconvert is a fantastic new feature that arrived with Confluence 4.1. As the name suggests, it automatically converts links into the appropriate macros so that now, if you want to add a Youtube video into the editor, all you have to do is copy and paste its associated URL, and Autoconvert will do the rest.

The Youtube widget appears directly on the page, ready to go. This works with a wide range of URLs, all the way from Youtube videos to JIRA macros.

Formatting images

The fact that the centre align button allows you to centre align an image may not be news to you. But did you know that the left align button actually functions as a toggle, enabling images to be floated left with the text automatically wrapping around them? The right align button of course does a similar thing.

This is a really helpful way to simplify your formatting and give your finished Confluence page maximum impact.

For more Confluence tips and tricks stay tuned in to our blog. For information on how Adaptavist can maximise your investment and performance with Atlassian softwate, contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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