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Easily customise and share your scripts with Dynamic Forms

Andra Dinu
20 March 20 Jira
Easily customise and share your scripts with Dynamic Forms
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Easily customise and share your scripts with Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms, the new feature in ScriptRunner for Jira Server and Data Center, allows you to create complex scripts that are easy to share and reuse, with no code changes! 

One of the many reasons users love ScripRunner is its unlimited power to create deep customisations and automations in every area of Jira using in-line Groovy scripts. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and many admins using ScriptRunner soon find themselves in one, or both, of these situations:

  • Storing and maintaining hundreds of scripts, many of them applied to similar scenarios
  • Constantly creating scripts for other admins with less code confidence, where the same 2-3 lines need to be changed over and over to fit slightly different use cases

Dynamic Forms to the rescue!

The newest feature in ScriptRunner for Jira allows you to add flexible variables to your scripts, which can then be shared with multiple users in a format friendly for non-coders. All they need to do is input their variables and click ‘Run’. Watch Dynamic Forms in action:


Dynamic Forms: how does it work?

Dynamic Forms allows you to add your variables as dynamic script annotations in your scripts instead of hardcoding them. 

Imagine you’ve created a script that deletes all issues that have a specific assignee within a certain project. This script is used across multiple locations, varying by one variable (for example, User) for each use case. Instead of hardcoding the ‘User’ variable, you can now use a dynamic form annotation, meaning the user can be changed without needing to re-write the script.  

And remember, you can not only edit your script quickly, you can also store it in one centralised location.

Find out more about how to add dynamic script annotations in our documentation.

Tell us what you think

The best way for us to make sure we build what you need is to get your direct feedback. Please share your suggestions and opinions about Dynamic Forms via our support

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