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Don’t get tripped up by Jira Permissions

28 September 17 Jira
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Don’t get tripped up by Jira Permissions

Jira Permissions help you maintain order in your Jira environment. However, they can be complex and confusing for some users. How can you help your teams work with them?

“Hi, I can’t see the Fellowship Project, and I was hoping to review some of the Boards there… Can you help?”

Does this sound familiar? Jira Permissions let Jira Administrators decide who can do what in which Projects, without worrying about someone accessing, changing or deleting something they shouldn't have. However, not all users are going to be comfortable with permissions or understand how they work in Jira or how Atlassian permissions work in general.

How do you educate users around Jira Permissions?

It's important to let your end-users know you that you aren’t Gandalf vs. the Balrog telling them they shall not pass. By training users and managing their expectations around Permissions, you’ll get:

  • Happier users who aren't frustrated by hidden Jira configurations they don't understand,
  • More productive team members who spend less time struggling with Jira Permissions and more time on their work, and
  • Better questions and requests because people will know what Jira Permissions they need to ask for.

With those benefits in mind, how do you get there? What should your end-users know? Understanding the capabilities of Jira Permissions will help the users know their limits, ask better questions, and make more efficient requests for access as needed. But we know that delivering Jira training to everyone can take a lot of time. Luckily, we created Adaptavist Learn for situations like this.

On-boarding teams with Jira

The moria gateGetting your teams up to speed quickly on Jira will help them work better together. Introducing JIRA is a 50-minute on-boarding course that teaches people everything they need to know. It's online and asynchronous, which means they can get the information when they need it, and revisit it whenever they like.

Adaptavist Learn members have access to always up-to-date training for one year, and can contact Adaptavist subject matter experts with questions for as long as their membership is valid.

No Elvish Required. Probably.

So, let’s recap. Understanding Jira Permissions makes end-users and team members happy because they know their limits and how to properly ask questions when there is a problem. Are your end-users hungry for more knowledge? Introduce your teams to Jira through Adaptavist Learn.

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