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Carahcast podcast - Digital Transformation with Atlassian

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Here at Adaptavist we’re no stranger to digital transformation, and work with clients globally to help them boost agility and overcome their business challenges with our Transformation Solutions.

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Handy advice from our digital transformation expert

Our digital transformation expert John Turley has recently spoken to our reseller partner Carahsoft in their podcast, Carahcast, to discuss how cross-functional team collaboration and more autonomy is the key to digital transformation success.

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HERO collaboration

In the podcast John talks about...

- Defining digital transformation

- Digital transformation success factors 

- How digital transformation requires a shift in mindset

- How the public sector can most benefit from digital transformation

The keys to successful digital transformation

In the Carahcast podcast, John discussed how, for successful digital transformation to take place, change needs to occur across people, processes and tools, with technology supporting the processes by which people are working cross-functionally. 

By using digital technology and processes to collaborate, teams can reorganise to work more innovatively, and reimagine their current ways of working to become more efficient. However this requires a change in mindset, and then a cultural shift, as well as engineering new processes and implementing new tools. 

In order for organisations to reach their digital transformation goals, they need to remove siloes, and enable cross-functional teams to work more autonomously and collaboratively, to create value for themselves and their customers.

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Listen to the podcast

Hear more of John Turley's digital transformation insights.

Click to listen to the podcast
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