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Diagnosis and cure for OrthopaedicsOne

Diagnosis and cure for OrthopaedicsOne
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Diagnosis and cure for OrthopaedicsOne

At Adaptavist we’re extremely proud of our work with OrthopaedicsOne. We worked closely with this client to revive an incredibly important medical resource. OrthopaedicsOne is an information and collaboration hub which otherwise would have been simplified to little more than a wiki page due to the performance and management problems the client was experiencing.

A global resource and collaboration hub

OrthopaedicsOne is a Confluence-based network that is used by over 6,500 surgeons and students globally. It's not just used as a resource for knowledge, but as a centre for exchanging, publishing and discussing musculoskeletal information. Its open licensing model means this knowledge can be shared instantly, unlike traditional publishing methods where copyright acts as a barrier.

Performance and stability problems

The site has been established for a number of years but, more recently, had been crashing regularly. With relatively low financial support prohibiting a widespread upgrade, it looked as though the only answer was to scale it back to a much-simplified two-dimensional wiki. Easier to manage and more reliable, for sure, but that would have meant the loss of interactivity and the community aspect of the network would be gone. Adaptavist received the call and understood the potential impact of compromising the site’s functionality.

Performance and maintenance reviewed

Following initial discussions to clarify existing and planned use of the system, reviews began. Issues relating to Add-on governance and version clashes were identified and the impact of a server software change became clear. All findings were presented with recommendations in an extensive report to Dr. Christian Veillette, co-founder and Director of Technology at OrthopaedicsOne, and the site's admininstrators.

Remedial action recommended

The recommendations included not just ways of overcoming system crashes but detailed how to protect the system against future issues, improving its efficiency and ensuring stability. Giving the OrthopaedicsOne team the information and insight to fix the system has saved the resource and enabled the ongoing sharing of knowledge in the global orthopaedics community. Adaptavist's ability to work within client constraints and to tailor solutions once again proved its adaptability.

As Dr. Veillette attests, the implemented fixes decreased my stress levels immensely. He is keen to recommend Adaptavist to others and praises its enthusiasm, expertise and ability to deliver in a timely fashion. I have always enjoyed my discussions with them. Every one of them seems to have the same passion for what they do.

Read the full case study to see how Adaptavist rescued a valuable medical resource.

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