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Content Formatting for Confluence updated and extended for Confluence 6

23 January 17 Confluence
Content Formatting for Confluence updated and extended for Confluence 6
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Content Formatting for Confluence updated and extended for Confluence 6

Content Formatting for Confluence is an essential Add-On for content creators. It's a suite of tools that improves the appearance of your Confluence pages. Combine macros to optimise individual elements of your pages headings, tables, navigation, user help and more and give your content maximum impact.

The Add-On has now been updated to support for Confluence 6. At the same time, we're relaunching Content Formatting as a fully paid-for Add-On. This new version features some great new macros and full SLA-based support.


Confluence 6 support

Content Formatting for Confluence has been available in a variety of formats for over twelve years. The move to supporting Confluence 6 is one of the biggest shifts we've seen. There is the addition of powerful features like concurrent editing at the front-end but also some changes inside the core of Confluence.

When we reviewed the requirements around updating Content Formatting to be compatible with Confluence 6, we also looked at what to do next in terms of developing the Add-On. As a result, we took the opportunity to refresh the existing functionality, rework the documentation and deliver some great new features.


Three new macros

Content Formatting for Confluence introduces three valuable new macros in this new version. They give you even more control over your content and enhance the user experience. For the first time, you can also use Content Formatting to dynamically insert content into your pages.

  • Tooltip lets you assign a tooltip to page elements to help give your users extra context and information.
  • Alert provides the ability to add an alert that appears when the page loads. The alert appears as a layer above the content and can be dismissed by the user. Useful for letting users know if the page is currently in draft or if there are restrictions on the page. You can choose from a variety of style and colours for your alerts, all within the Confluence style.
  • The RESTful Table macro lets you create a table in your pages containing data retrieved from a specified URL (via REST). This dynamic feature means that your data will update automatically when the source data changes. It saves you and your team time and reduces errors from manual data entry.

Pricing and support information

The new version of Content Formatting for Confluence is now a paid-for Add-On. This means we can invest in the future development of the Add-On and, of course, it becomes fully-supported by Adaptavist's support SLA and our awesome team.

Commercial pricing is as follows. Academic pricing is 50% of the Commercial rate and can be reviewed here.

Users 10 25 50 100 250 500 2000 10,000 Unlimited
Price $10 $80 $150 $200 $400 $500 $2000 $3000 $5000

Existing users are entitled to grandfathering under the terms of the Atlassian Marketplace. That means that for the next 60 days you can renew your license at the old price. If you are using a free of charge version of Content Formatting for Confluence, you will need to purchase a new license in order to upgrade to Content Formatting for Confluence version 5.0.0.

Purchase or upgrade Content Formatting for Confluence at the Atlassian Marketplace.

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