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Automatically create Jira issues from approved Confluence pages

Andra Dinu
18 September 19 Confluence
Automatically create Jira issues from approved Confluence pages
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Automatically create Jira issues from approved Confluence pages

Most teams building software products create product design documents in Confluence, approve them with management and then create corresponding epics in Jira with all the development and testing tasks. 

When it comes to adding reviews and approvals to Confluence pages, many companies swear by Comala Workflows. We’re happy to announce Comala Workflows is now integrated with ScriptRunner, and one of the most requested functionalities can be used immediately: teams using both ScriptRunner for Confluence and Comala Workflows can now automatically create a Jira issue once a page is approved in Confluence. 

Easy set up 

As long as you have both Comala Workflows and ScriptRunner for Confluence installed on the same Confluence instance on your server/data center, the set-up is a breeze. 

Copy/paste the script in the Adaptavist Library (you can also find it in our documentation), then follow the steps in the video:

Try ScriptRunner for Confluence

ScriptRunner for Confluence is an amazingly versatile tool that lets you customise, extend and automate Confluence as much as you need. If you are familiar with Groovy, you can create your own scripts to suit your own Comala workflow use cases. The sky’s the limit! 

Get started with a 30-day free trial of ScriptRunner for Confluence: 

Try ScriptRunner for Confluence now


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