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Atlassian University training courses a big hit at Summit 2014

14 October 14 Atlassian
Atlassian University training courses a big hit at Summit 2014
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Atlassian University training courses a big hit at Summit 2014

Attended by over 2,100 delegates, Summit 2014 was the biggest Atlassian event yet. One of the most popular facets of Summit is the Training day which this year featured 11 popular courses delivered by Atlassian Authorized Training Experts including 4 sold out courses delivered by Adaptavist consultants.

4 sold-out courses

Offering fantastic courses covering a broad spectrum of topics, the Adaptavist contribution to Atlassian University training courses was a great success all four classes sold out and were enthusiastically received by attendees. From Jira for Beginners and JIRA agile to advanced Jira and Confluence training for sys admins, we delivered lecture- and lab-based courses. Our expert knowledge and product experience provided background and real-life examples to each of the classes.

Interactive learning

This year we found that using case-based exercises in the lab was a particular success. It allowed attendees to encounter authentic scenarios in an interactive way. The courses Jira Essentials, JIRA agile in Practice, Customising Jira Workflows and Practical Jira/Confluence System Administration dealt with areas such as:

  • understanding the why and hows of Jira
  • configuring Jira agile Scrum boards to meet your team's needs
  • understanding agile concepts and how they're implemented using Jira agile
  • setting up workflows to for business processes
  • troubleshooting Jira and Confluence environments
  • migrating data across environments
  • monitoring application performance

Our highlights

Being able to meet Atlassian users, and spend time talking with them, enabled us to address the challenges users were facing with the applications how to get Jira agile to work at scale, for example and provide tailored suggestions for best practice use. We were also able make many people aware of the whole variety of features available to them for the first time, and introduce concepts and ideas to help them manage their overall application management.

For more information about maximising your use of Atlassian applications, or our official Atlassian University training courses, contact us today.

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