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All Adaptavist add-ons now licensed via the Atlassian Marketplace

All Adaptavist add-ons now licensed via the Atlassian Marketplace
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All Adaptavist add-ons now licenced via the Atlassian Marketplace

Adaptavist has been developing Atlassian plugins for ten years now, since before there was such a thing as the Atlassian Marketplace. The Atlasssian Marketplace is a fast-growing and exciting part of the Atlassian ecosystem and offers customers a standardised system for accessing and licensing their add-ons. Adaptavist is pleased to announce that all our add-ons are now sold via the Marketplace.

With the release of the latest versions of Community Forums and Survey for Confluence, you can now obtain licenses for all of our add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace.

This means that our own, proprietary licensing solution will be replaced by the one offered by Atlassian. The move will help to simplify both the license management and procurement process for our customers. It will also enable us to focus on developing the products and providing service our customers.

Adaptavist will continue to support your licensing needs

Adaptavist has a long history of meeting customer needs using Atlassian software and add-ons – both our own software and those from third parties. This is an important part of our offering and we will continue to provide licensing solutions for our customers. If you have a license sales enquiry please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you.

Important information for existing license holders

Firstly, please do rest assured that your existing licenses for Community Forums and Survey for Confluence purchased from us directly are still valid and will continue to provide you access to the add-on. We will be supporting licensing via our proprietary Plugin Licensing Manager up until the May 1st 2016 for existing licenses, although we won't be selling any further proprietary licenses.

We are working to help our customers migrate over to use Atlassian’s licensing system. The process is slightly different depending on what type of license you have. If you currently hold a valid license for either our Community Forums or Survey for Confluence add-ons, we’ll be contacting you directly with further information.

Commercial and Academic licenses

We’re working closely with Atlassian to migrate all existing commercial and academic licenses to the Atlassian Marketplace. You will soon find your license details under the account of the registered technical contact for the original license. 

Your new license comes with both a license key and an SEN number that will simplify the process for upgrades and renewals. It will also ensure that you pay the appropriate price for renewals and upgrades.

To license your add-on using the Atlassian Licensing system – the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) – for Commercial and Academic add-ons, you’ll need to be using the latest version of the add-on. You will need to apply your new license key from your account.

For Community and Open-Source users

Existing community, open-source and non-profit licenses cannot be automatically migrated over to the Atlassian Marketplace. However if you are using one of these add-ons with an accompanying free license, you can continue to do so with our proprietary PLM licensing system up until the May 1st 2016.

You can also get a new free license by applying for one directly from Atlassian using their application process for free licences which can be used with the Atlassian UPM.

We’ll be contacting all current license holders in the coming days with further information regarding license migration.


I bought a Community Forums/Survey license recently, is it still valid?

Yes. All licenses that have not expired are still valid and will continue to work until we retire the Adaptavist Plugin Licensing Manager (PLM) on the May 1st 2016. Your license will be automatically migrated to the Atlassian Marketplace and we’ll email the technical contact for the license once this has taken place. Once this is done you can switch to using the UPM. You can find instructions for this in our documentation site.

Can I still buy licenses from Adaptavist?

Yes. Adaptavist will continue to sell licenses for all of our add-ons, as well as being a reseller of Atlassian software and third party software too. For more information contact our sales team.

Where can I find my new license?

Once we've migrated all our proprietary licenses over to the Atlassian Marketplace, you'll be able to find your license under your account. We’ll email all our customers shortly with further information on this.

Should I use the Adaptavist Plugin Licensing Manager (PLM) or the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) to license Adaptavist add-ons?

For now, you can use either. We’ll continue to support licensing via the PLM with your existing license until the May 1st 2016, However, we recommend moving over to licensing your add-on using the UPM as soon as possible. Your new license will appear in your account shortly – this will make managing your licenses much easier. You can find instructions for doing this in our documentation site.

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