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AI-powered work management for business teams

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Make collaboration seamless with AI-power

In this blog, we're looking at some of the biggest challenges business teams face and how AI-powered work management tools, like and Jira, can make a world of difference. 

We all want to work more efficiently, but sometimes working well with others to get the job done sees us come up against some significant hurdles—like information silos and poorly designed project management systems. These issues leave everyone frustrated and disengaged, slowing productivity and impacting team morale and job satisfaction. 

AI-powered tools relieve the strain of everyday tasks, helping to boost productivity and make collaboration more seamless. More recently, Atlassian and have both incorporated AI capabilities into their solutions to make users' lives even more straightforward.

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What are the biggest work management challenges?

Digital interruptions—beyond being annoying, constant interruptions from emails, Slack messages, meeting requests, and colleagues asking for information are stressful and increase the risk of human error, not to mention wasted productivity. Once you've context-switched, it can take over 20 minutes to return to your original task.

Departmental silos—when information and communication are siloed, you get bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and isolation of teams and even individual employees. It impacts collaboration, raising the chance of errors and duplicated efforts while slowing decision-making and stifling innovation. 

The cost of tooling—if you're dealing with siloed working, you're probably surrounded by too many tools as well. With every department picking what they prefer and little oversight over licences, you might be spending well over the odds without reaping the benefits of a holistic tooling approach.

Hard-to-find information—with siloed work and multiple tools, you'll undoubtedly struggle to locate the correct information when needed. Team members might waste hours trying to source relevant data and pull it together from multiple sources.

Widely distributed workforces—on the flip side of being able to work with talent worldwide, businesses struggle with communicating across different time zones, particularly sharing status updates and ensuring everyone has the information they need to progress while the other half of the world is sleeping.

Starting from scratch—with unique projects, your people often have to start from the ground up every time, with limited scope or opportunity to speed up processes by duplicating previous work. 

Handling time-sensitive information—when updates could have a significant impact, such as sharing the government's budget implications with internal banking teams, it can be tricky for organisations to get this information out to the right people in a timely manner, with all the supporting information they need to implement changes.

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What's the solution?

Whether you work in marketing, legal, sales, operations, finance, HR, or another business department, it's vital your organisation doesn't ignore these challenges but makes a concerted effort to address them—for your employees and your bottom line. Forrester research shows that businesses with high levels of alignment across custom-facing functions report 2.4 times higher revenue growth in profitability than those without alignment.

Achieving this requires thoughtful planning, streamlined processes, buy-in from leadership, and customised, collaborative work management tools, like Atlassian's Jira or, that support these efforts to take flight.

Already, we're seeing organisations embrace AI to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and free up time to focus on higher-value work. According to our 2023 special work management report, 'Productivity is not a place', which delves into topics around collaboration, communication, and culture: 

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"'Almost three-quarters (73%) of companies surveyed confirmed they are investing in AI, with the other 25% intending to do so in the next six months. The outlier is entirely remote organisations, 100% of which confirm current investment in AI.'"
Adaptavist, Special work management report: Productivity is not a place.

How can Jira help?

If you're an Atlassian customer and you're not already using it, here's why you should: 

  • It's designed to support business teams, from marketing and operations to HR and sales. 
  • It's user-friendly, making it the perfect home for teams at companies of every size, style, and industry to manage projects and internal processes. 
  • It makes it so much easier for everyone to collaborate, align on goals, and deliver work all in one place. 
  • It integrates with all the tools you already use—like Slack and HubSpot (and over 3,000 others!)—so it's customisable to suit your needs.

A report by TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group found that Atlassian's work management tools helped to increase worker efficiency, improve project quality, and speed up collaborative work. Incorporating Atlassian into team workflows decreased interruptions by 35 percent, reduced time spent searching for information by 50 percent, and reduced the amount of redundant work.

A big part of this is tapping into Atlassian Intelligence—the software provider's suite of AI-powered capabilities with Jira. They help you:

  • Get the most out of your data—find issues and dependencies and run complex queries using text without knowing coding languages. Search for everything you need about your projects and processes in seconds.
  • Speed up work—Generative AI can help you elevate your ideas and write for the right audience while acting as a dictionary and knowledge base to help you understand complex concepts.
  • Take action—get up to speed on any topic, make decisions more quickly with summaries, use virtual agents to respond to basic enquiries, and set up AI projects to support your employees and customers.
  • Protect your data—use AI without worrying about what's happening to your data. Confidential information is kept that way, and admin controls let you decide who uses what.
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"Atlassian Intelligence has been a game changer for me. On a personal level, it's helped cut down on tedious tasks, so I can get to action faster. For my team, it's helping us make smarter decisions by providing insights and predictions, leading to better-informed, strategic choices."
Sierra Dasso, Work Management Leader, Atlassian.

How can help?

If you're more into, you won't be disappointed. This platform powerhouse has a work management tool to help business teams manage everything from project and resource management to requests, approvals, and custom workflows. It's got all the automations and dashboards your teams need to set goals, navigate new projects, and take care of everyday work.

So, how is AI taking things up a notch?

Whether you're a PM needing to summarise a kick-off meeting, a sales leader preparing your GTM strategy, writing a marketing blog post, or an HR expert generating an onboarding plan for new starters,'s AI, which uses Azure OpenAI as its large language model, can help. 

  • Get started with new tasks—you can turn your project ideas into actionable tasks in seconds, giving you a headstart so you can get on with the actual work.
  • Create content—it's super simple to create all the content you need, like meeting agendas, ideas for interview questions, or social media and blog posts for your marketing campaign.
  • Write emails really fast—don't waste time on lengthy emails questioning every line. You can send messages ten times faster with the email composer's template suggestions.
  • Refine your message—don't always get it right the first time? With the text editor feature by your side, it doesn't matter. It will help you find the right words when you need them most. 
  • Sum it up—summarise meetings, call transcripts, retro notes and more so you can focus on essential points and block out all the noise.
  • Find your formula—whether you're a formula fanatic or a spreadsheet novice, the formula builder will be your best friend, helping you craft complex formulas to make your data work harder for you.
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Make AI work your way

Whether you're a Jira diehard or more into, these tools have upped the ante with AI capabilities to make work management feel less like work. By embracing new technology, you can overcome some of the most common business challenges, improve efficiency, reduce time-wasting, and make life easier for knowledge workers across your organisation. 

Want to know more about these tools and how we can help your teams embrace them? Get in touch.

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Make AI work your way

Whether you're a Jira diehard or more into, these tools have upped the ante with AI capabilities to make work management feel less like work. Want to know more about these tools and how we can help your teams embrace them?