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Power up and discover more value on Trello with these newly acquired Adaptavist Power-Ups

Power up and discover more value on Trello with these newly acquired Adaptavist Power-Ups
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Power up and discover more value on Trello with these newly acquired Adaptavist Power-Ups

We are excited to announce our acquisition of six Orah Apps Power-Ups for Trello!

Over the years we've established ourselves as global leaders within the Atlassian ecosystem, helping organisations embrace Agile methodologies for development teams that use Atlassian tools. This acquisition allows us to broaden our offerings and expertise across more enterprise tools to further enable agile transformation for our customers.

An overview of the six Trello Power-Ups we have acquired

Trello makes it easy for people to work better together. Teams use Trello as a personal and team project management tool which enables collaboration to happen in real-time, no matter where the team is located around the world. With these Power-Ups commercial and technical teams can benefit from improved communication, collaboration and productivity. Here's an overview of each Power - Ups and the values they provide.

Board Export for Trello 

Board Export allows you to export your Trello boards in a Excel, CSV, PDF, or an image format. 

Whether you're using Trello for managing personal tasks or team projects, you may be asked to provide updates or communicate status to other stakeholders who might not currently have visibility  internally (senior managers) or externally (clients). Simply export your board in a format (Excel, image, CSV or PDF) that can be quickly shared via an Email, Confluence page or instant messaging platform like Slack.


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Private Notes for Trello

Enables the user to store notes only they can see on Trello cards.

Sharing your boards with the other team members or external clients is pretty common practice in Trello. Meaning everything and anything you do is visible for everyone. With Private Notes you can quickly note down those brilliant but fleeting ideas that might suddenly come to mind without it being automatically shared on the board. You can also create personal notes or reminders on other boards that are shared with you without them having any visibility until you decide to share it.


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Time Tracking for Trello

See what's taking up the most time, who's worked on what, and where the hours are distributed.

We've all experienced tasks taking a little longer than anticipated. Which can directly impact the delivery of a particular project or the target date of that particular task. Capturing and reporting this information is a great way to manage future projects so that your forecasts are more accurate and likely to be on track. With Time Tracking for Trello you can do just that, it allows you to create and export CSV/Excel reports to see aggregated data by date, time spent and team member.


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Due Next for Trello

Organise your to-do list like a flat Gantt chart in easy, consumable formats.

Whether it’s a client meeting around a deadline or an internal presentation with stakeholders describing your project's timeline, sometimes you need to focus on what’s due next. Due Next will help you schedule, plan and forecast what you can and can’t do. Think of it like a Gantt chart, but flat. Due Next for Trello allows you to see your upcoming and overdue cards, filter cards, and export results as CSV or PDF for reporting.


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Card Delete for Trello 

Finally! A way to delete cards without archiving them first. This app is pretty self explanatory, it deletes a card in two clicks without archiving.

Removing a card on Trello boards is something that we all have to do. You could be managing and removing cards on multiple boards or just a single board, either can be time consuming. Card Delete saves you time by removing the need to first archive your cards. Simple!


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Daily Updates for Trello

Get your team on the same page with a daily update.

Providing updates to your team and giving visibility to other stakeholders daily is an important factor in working together more efficiently.  Daily Updates for Trello is useful for any kind of team, especially for distributed, software, marketing, agile, HR, legal and support teams. Whether you "stand up", sit-down, stand-up, check in, huddle, scrum, status update, or whatever you call it, Daily Updates helps your teams stay in sync. Each member provides answers to three question which can also be exported and shared.


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So why not supercharge your Trello boards and add these essential Power - Ups. If you want to find out more about how you can save time and power up your collaboration with Trello contact us for a chat.


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