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Adaptavist ships the first forms Add-On for Confluence Cloud

23 November 16 Adaptavist
Adaptavist ships the first forms Add-On for Confluence Cloud
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Adaptavist ships the first forms Add-On for Confluence cloud

Forms for Confluence has long been the essential tool for capturing data from your Confluence users. Now Confluence Cloud customers can use it too as Adaptavist delivers the first forms tool for Confluence Cloud.

Atlassian has made a big commitment to its Cloud platform and Adaptavist has too. This year we've already launched Atlassian Cloud versions of Community Forums and ScriptRunner for JIRA. Atlassian expects the number of cloud customers to outnumber server customers by 2:1 by 2018.

Collect feedback and gather requirements

Forms for Confluence Cloud lets you create powerful, flexible forms right inside Confluence. It's simple to use but a very effective tool for collecting feedback, capturing requirements and requests and starting processes.

Build forms, quickly and easily

Elegant forms can be built using macros that give you complete control over the fields and layout. There's seamless integration with the Confluence UI so your forms feel right at home.

Store and analyse response data

It’s easy to add input validation to ensure the data you capture is clean. When you've published your form, you can review user responses via in the purpose-built database.

The Forms for Confluence Cloud documentation covers its features and functionality, installation, support and more.

For more information, pricing and to purchase Forms for Confluence Cloud, visit the Atlassian Marketplace.

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