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Adaptavist ShipIt 2015

Adaptavist ShipIt 2015
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Adaptavist ShipIt 2015

This month the Adaptavist Engineering and Product teams will be running Adaptavist ShipIt 2015. Pioneered by Atlassian, ShipIt days allow teams to explore new product ideas. This year we will be focusing on creating Add-Ons for Atlassian Connect.

Adaptavist ShipIt 2015 will take place in the Leamington Spa office with representatives from right across the organisation. Over the two days, teams will compete to deliver pre-proposed Shipment Orders with the winners being announced at the end of the event.

Stretching our skills

It's a chance for Adaptavists to stretch their skills outside of normal job roles. For example, if someone normally codes but fancies trying their hand as a designer, then they can in ShipIt 2015. There will be copious amounts of coffee and collaboration and, of course, pizza and beer into the evening.

On day one, teams will start building and continue until lunch time on day two. After that it is demo and voting time with each team presenting their product. After voting, a winner is chosen and I'm sure we'll find a way to celebrate.

New ideas for Atlassian Connect products

At the end of the event we hope to have a number of ideas for Atlassian Connect Add-Ons, maybe even some that could be completed and made shippable.

Atlassian Connect allows you to write Add-ons for cloud-hosted applications using the language of your choice. Unlike Plugins, Connect Add-ons are hosted externally to the application and communicate with the application via REST calls and embedded IFrames.

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