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Adaptavist rolls out six Confluence 5 compatible plugins

Adaptavist rolls out six Confluence 5 compatible plugins
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Adaptavist rolls out six Confluence 5 compatible plugins

Six of Adaptavist's plugins, including Content Formatting, Confluence Dashboards and Content Voting, are now compatible with Confluence 5.

Confluence Dashboard plugin

First up in our list of Confluence 5 compatible plugins is our Dashboards plugin. This is another of our premium plugins that we're excited to have available for use with the latest version of Confluence. Confluence Dashboards offers you the functionality to build dashboards into pages in your wiki. These are completely customisable and can be shared across teams and users. We've also made sure that the Dashboard Plugin is also Blueprint compatible.

If you would like to make your content easier for users to find and share, download and try out Adaptavist's Confluence Dashboards for Confluence 5.

Content Voting plugin

Content Voting is another plugin that we've received a number of requests for Confluence 5 compatibility. Content Voting is one of our premium plugins. It allows your Confluence users to recognise great content and contributors by voting for great content. Additional functionality allows you to display the top ten pages of content or top ten contributors in the wiki. This helps to encourage the addition of engaging content by allowing users to show their appreciation for useful and well-written content. It's all highly configurable and it's now available to help your user base create great content for Confluence 5. You can download Content Voting from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Content Formatting plugin

Content Formatting is a stable favourite in the Confluence community. It has consistently won the Atlassian Most Downloaded Plugin Award and it's used across thousands of Confluence instances, from smaller companies all the way up to enterprise organisations. Download the Content Formatting plugin now.

Rate Macro plugin

The Rate Macro plugin enables you to easily collect and display user-ratings on pages and blog posts in Confluence. This popular plugin allows users to retract and re-cast votes and admins can manage and clear ratings on a page. You can download Rate Macro from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Attachment Download plugin

The Attachment Download plugin provides a fixed URL for your attachments that doesn't change and respects the permissions you've set in Confluence. Attachment Download prevents problems that often arise when moving content to a different server or recovering content from backup. You can download Rate Macro from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Label Tools plugin

This plugin let you automatically add or suggest labels for users to add to a page, helping to categorise pages in a space by a known set of labels. You can add descriptions to the labels so that users can understanding why they would use a particular label. Download Label Tools from the Atlassian Marketplace.

These are just six of the plugins from our library of great plugins. We know that you're keen to see Confluence 5 compatibility for all of your favourite plugins, so we're busy working on that right now. We'll let you know as soon as they are available, so please look out for announcements on the latest Adaptavist plugin releases on our blog and on Twitter.

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