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Adaptavist Partner Spotlight: TietoEVRY

Adaptavist Partner Spotlight: TietoEVRY
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Adaptavist Partner Spotlight: TietoEVRY

How TietoEVRY help fast-track customer success with Atlassian

We believe two heads are always better than one when it comes to accelerating business innovation. That’s why the Adaptavist partner programme includes the best solution partners in the Atlassian ecosystem. This month, we caught up with Jenny Hagström, Team Manager at TietoEVRY, the largest IT Service Provider in the Nordics and beyond. Jenny shares their customer challenges, overcoming them and her favourite apps in the Atlassian ecosystem!

We’d love to know more about the recent merger between Tieto and EVRY?

Tieto is one of the largest IT service providers in Europe, active in more than 20 countries with approximately 14,000 employees. Tieto aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world and turn them into lifelong value for everyone.

EVRY is one of the Nordic region's largest tech and consulting companies with over 8,800 employees who work with everything from data center services and implementation of business systems, to expert advice and AI. Above all, we are obsessed with the possibilities of technology and digitalization, and to help people benefit from it.

We believe the recent merger between Tieto and EVRY has created a digital advantage for business and society. Together, we combine our leading digital services software with local presence and global capabilities. Our Nordic values of promoting openness, trust and diversity help steer our success.

How did TietoEVRY start out with Atlassian?

We started off as users of Jira software & Confluence for our own product development. And, along the way, we gained experience with the applications and realised how much we could improve in our work with the help of Jira and Confluence, believing that having the right mix of people, processes and tools is the key to creating great teams. 

After a while, we started to receive requests from customers asking for our help and support with Jira Software and Confluence. So, we partnered up with Atlassian in 2005 to get more knowledge and collaborate better to serve our customers in the best way possible. From 2013, we have been a Platinum partner of Atlassian and have built up solid knowledge and expertise around their applications.

And where is TietoEVRY today?

Today, TietoEVRY has more than fifteen years experience in using, supporting, hosting and developing Atlassian products. We have teams based in Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Finland

Today, we support Atlassian applications for more than thirty customers in both the public and private sector across many different verticals.

What are the main challenges facing your customers in today’s landscape?

Our customers turn to us when they need help with migrations from their old systems to the Atlassian suite of products. We also see demand for consolidating current Atlassian products in our customer’s businesses. For example, the ability to align Jira software with Jira projects. We also do a lot of app consolidations and integrations designed to help solve our customer’s problems.

Amongst the Atlassian ecosystem, what excites you most as being “the future”?

The TietoEVRY Atlassian team see two areas that excite us:

1)   IT Service Management (ITSM) benefits your IT team, and service management principles can improve your entire organization. ITSM leads to efficiency, productivity gains, and new ways of working for high-velocity teams. Jira Service desk - scales quickly with a lower cost than other heavy ITSM tools. We are seeing its success and market demand growing. 

2)   SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework. The scaling of agile processes alongside the tools to support them is an area of increasing demand. As successful companies wrestle with being able to navigate and make sense of the tremendous amounts of operational, project, and financial data that they create and track every day. We see a growing need for recommendations around best practice tools to use for successful SAFe implementations.   

Where do you see common pitfalls occur when a customer begins deploying Atlassian tools?

Our customers often want to adapt their tools to current processes while they should really adapt their processes to their new application. Or at least align them to it instead of trying to change the application to fit their archaic processes.

As an Adaptavist Partner, what are your favourite Adaptavist apps that you recommend to customers and why?

We mainly use and recommend Adaptavist ScriptRunner for Jira. When we provide customer support, we greatly benefit from Scriptrunner’s built-in scripts, especially "Switch to a different user", "Copy Project" and "Bulk Fix Resolutions". We recommend ScriptRunner when our customer wants custom scripts in workflows, mainly for validation, and post functions.

Another much-appreciated part of ScriptRunner is the JQL search functions. Currently, we are using the ScriptRunner Behaviors feature which is very powerful.

Aside from Adaptavist Apps, what are your other go-to apps in the marketplace for customers?

We use Extension for Jira service desk by Deviniti to improve our customers ITSM solutions. With the help of this app, we can achieve a better and more user-friendly customer portal. This app is in demand from our customers too. As, it gives them the possibility to use: Dynamic Fields configuration, short and tailored request forms on the Portal, and Jira Service Desk customisation.

Meta-Inf’s JETI (Email this issue) is used in many installations to customise mail notifications. We use it for incoming mails as well as projects.

We recommend ALM Works’ Structure to customers that want to organise their issues. They might want to see which requirement an issue belongs to or need to sum up estimates and actual time, up to the highest level in a structure. Structure is excellent for structuring and tracking on a high level.

Find out more about TietoEVRY on their website. To learn more about Adaptavist’s Partner Programme click here.


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