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Adaptavist named a Times Top 100 company for the second year

Adaptavist named a Times Top 100 company for the second year
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Adaptavist named a Times Top 100 company for the second year

It’s official. We’ve done it again!

We are beyond thrilled, once again, to make the prestigious Sunday Times list of 100 Best Small Companies to Work.

Our people are our greatest advocates

We love what we do, and this award is a powerful testament to the strong culture we have created at Adaptavist. What’s unique about this award is it’s not about hitting revenue targets or scaling super fast. It's not about the amazing products we create, our customer experience or how innovative we are.

This one is all about our people. It reflects how they are feeling about their work. It’s about our leadership, culture and values and what these things mean to them. And it's about work-life balance and how empowered and enabled our people feel.

I’m especially proud of this award as it reflects the views of our people. To be recognised in this way is a special accolade for everyone who makes Adaptavist such a great place to work (and play!)” says Adaptavist CEO, Simon Haighton-Williams.

So what’s our secret?

When it comes to creating a great work environment and culture, our strategy is simple. We put our people at the heart of everything that we do. It’s true that a lot of other companies claim to do the same. So why are we different? We believe our business should not only exist to benefit our people and our customers; it should also have a positive and enduring impact on society.

Of course, it's crucial that we make money too. But when it comes to what drives our business decisions every day, it's our people. We make sure they are never an afterthought. Instead, they are the cornerstone of our culture and core to our purpose; to be the biggest and best we can be at everything we do. We want to delight our customers, provide meaningful livelihoods and make work better for everyone. We know that without our people we could never accomplish any of these great things.

We are just getting started

We are growing at a phenomenal rate, but as our CEO Simon Haighton-Williams recently said “in many ways, it feels like we are only getting started. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved as a team and excited about what the next phase of our journey will hold.”

If you are interested in finding out more about us or are interested in joining our fantastic team, check out:


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Lucia Scarborough

Lucia Scarborough

Lucia looks after everyone in the Adaptavist family from supporting the recruitment of new members to looking after the amazing talent already here. She has worked in start-ups and Enterprises and has a keen interest in employee engagement.