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Adaptavist Learn launches new course - Jira Cloud for Beginners

Hugh Davey
13 November 18 Adaptavist
Adaptavist Learn launches new course - Jira Cloud for Beginners
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Adaptavist Learn launches new course - Jira cloud for Beginners

The Learn team are delighted to launch the latest addition to our training portfolio - Jira Cloud for Beginners.

These videos take a comprehensive look at Jira Cloud’s interface and features, while walking you through some best practices in how to organise your work.

This course is free and available to all new Jira Cloud users who want to better understand how to use projects, work with features, and navigate the cloud interface with greater confidence. Creating next-gen scrum and kanban projects has never been easier and these trainings show you how Jira Cloud has all the agile tools in place to adapt to your unique way of working.

Why create a course on Jira Cloud?

Jira Cloud is very different to Jira Server, so even an experienced user could benefit from a refresher. If you’re new to Jira, you may find it quite tricky to get your head round the unfamiliar interface, and even knowing where to begin may be a challenge. These videos take you through the basics of navigating through and using Jira Cloud to have you working like a Jira native in no time at all.

Why make this course available on YouTube?

At Adaptavist Learn, we believe in giving back to the community. By hosting these videos on YouTube, we’re able to provide you with a high-quality training course that is also free of charge.

While the course is split into ten standalone videos that can be watched in any order, you can also watch them all as part of a playlist. The videos cover a wide range of topics to help you make sense of Jira Cloud, from navigation to notifications and beyond.


What do these videos cover?

What is Jira Cloud and how to navigate through it?

In this course you are introduced to Jira Cloud (in particular its next-gen projects and features), shown how to navigate the interface, and led through a series of tasks that teach you how to work with projects, optimise your searches, and configure personal settings.

How do you create and manage projects?

These videos teach you how to get up and running in your Jira Cloud instance. From showing you different ways to create your first project to learning the administrator features that are available to you in order to manage your ongoing projects. Furthermore, you learn how to recognise the types of notifications you can receive as a Jira user, what triggers them, and where to find them.

How do you create, edit, and search for issues?

This section of the course walks you through the basics of issues in Jira, once you’ve set up your project. Awareness of your issues is one thing but learning how they fit into your organisation’s way of working is better. Additionally, the course will show you the two search methods (basic and advanced) at your disposal for searching through your issues.

How do you use dashboards, boards, and scrum?

These videos show you how to use project boards, which is fundamental in working in Jira Cloud, particularly as next-gen projects utilise both kanban and scrum templates, which include boards. You can also learn how to visually represent data from your project by building dashboards.

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