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Adaptavist helps Addison Lee go full-speed with Agile

3 June 16 Agile
Adaptavist helps Addison Lee go full-speed with Agile
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Adaptavist helps Addison Lee go full-speed with agile

PRESS RELEASE: Adaptavist is working with Addison Lee, Europe's largest premium car service, to help accelerate and scale its software development team's use of Agile.

The new reality is every business is a software business with applications and information technology being core to how companies operate, manage and serve their customers regardless of industry. Addison Lee, as an early adopter of software as the heart of its business, is this reality personified. With over 100 developers focused on advancing its software, the company is making significant investments in its technology to ensure it keeps ahead of any new competition.

Addison Lee has long recognised that it's crucial for the business to constantly innovate and drive performance through its software. As well as digital innovation, Addison Lee's Technology Development team are focused on enhancing customer experience and onboarding, delivering APIs for partners to consume, implementing a new microservices-based architecture for Addison Lee's own allocation software, and supporting national expansion. Having responsive, Agile teams and processes to handle this volume of change is key.

Adaptavist was engaged to performance tune Addison Lee’s Agile development processes. Already using JIRA and Confluence, there was a need to establish best practice for Addison Lee to support a substantial scale in the volume of requests for change coming from the business. Adaptavist's team worked closely with Addison Lee development teams to balance quick wins and fast implementation of enhanced method, with a longer term roadmap of change to best compliment development teams ways of working.

The first phase has streamlined how the business requests new developments, helping developers deal with volume through a lightweight governance and approvals process built in JIRA and helping business users engage with a collaborative solutions approach based in Confluence. Addison Lee was impressed by Adaptavist's ability to adapt to the Addison Lee preferred way of working, to proceed from proof-of-concept to live system in record time whilst also capturing insights that will inform the next four areas of improvement for their software development process and use of Atlassian software.

As an Agile delivery organisation, our tech teams are constantly looking for ways to improve our collaboration, process, skills and, ultimately, our product, said Paul McCabe, Head of Technology Development at Addison Lee. Adaptavist's involvement has been vital and they've worked closely with us to quickly turn our ideas and requirements into an enhanced methodology based on getting much more from Atlassian based workflows.

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