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Adaptavist's Pledge 1% helps Odyssians have a great week

10 October 16 Adaptavist
Adaptavist's Pledge 1% helps Odyssians have a great week
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Adaptavist's Pledge 1% helps Odyssians have a great week

Jamie Sawyer, Phill Fox and Thomas Harris all joined the recent Odyssians camp as part of Adaptavist's contribution to Pledge 1%. As well as volunteering during the event, Adaptavist supported Odyssians with a donation and the creation of a Confluence intranet to manage information about the camp.

A week-long adventure

Every year Odyssians run a week-long adventure holiday for people who have disabilities supported by a team of volunteer helpers . This year's event was a big success and included in the week-long camp was an additional event, the Big Day Out. It featured four activities that were accessible to a wide range of disabilities and would not have been possible without Adaptavist's donation.

Everyone was hugely grateful as to allowed us to have our biggest and most exciting day out ever, said a spokesperson for Odyssians. We look forward to Adaptavist's continued support to keep providing unique experiences for young disabled adults.

Bathtub racing, backwoods cooking and lots more

The week's events included bathtub racing (pictured) with awesome hand paddle-operated electric carts. It was a hot, sunny day and it created a great atmosphere. Other highlights from the week included backwoods cooking where the campers went off into the woods to build campfires and cook their own dinner. Swimming in the onsite pool was also very popular as well as the final night disco where everyone got the chance to dress up and let their hair down.

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And still more to do

The feedback about the Big Day Out was really positive with everyone saying that it was the best thing they did all week. With more than 70 people attending the camp this year, Odyssians were able to support 25 young disabled people. Unfortunately, there was a waiting list of a further 9 people but not enough volunteers to support them. So, if you want to do something truly rewarding contact Odyssians to volunteer for next years camp
For more information about Pledge 1%, visit their website.

Visit their website
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