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Adaptavist acquires the hottest JIRA test management solution

Adaptavist acquires the hottest JIRA test management solution
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Adaptavist acquires the hottest Jira test management solution

PRESS RELEASE – Adaptavist, the globally-renowned Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, has completed the acquisition of Kanoah, the leading test management Add-On for Atlassian Jira.

The deal will see Kanoah's three Atlassian Add-Ons Kanoah Tests, Kanoah CRM and Kanoah Checklist join Adaptavist's portfolio of Enterprise-grade Atlassian Add-Ons. The Kanoah team will also join the Adaptavist team to take their well-received products to the next level.


The disruptive force in Test Management for Atlassian Jira

In just 18 months, Kanoah's founders Cristiano Caetano and Vitor Pelizza have established Kanoah Tests as a major disruptor in the Jira Test Management space. It's the most highly-rated testing Add-On on the Atlassian Marketplace. Its architecture, user experience, reporting, commitment to product development and focus on support has won it a range of loyal customers in North America, Europe and South America.


Synergy and opportunities for Adaptavist, Kanoah and Jira users

As well as helping the world's most complex Enterprises optimise, extend and manage their application lifecycle with Atlassian software, Adaptavist also owns ScriptRunner, the must-have Add-On for Atlassian Jira. The acquisition of Kanoah provides the opportunity to apply ScriptRunner's principles of integration, automation and extension to Test Management. More and more Enterprise customers are looking to build their dev tools and processes around the Atlassian Stack and need powerful, integrated tools to help them.


Demonstrating the power and potential of the Atlassian ecosystem

As well as an excellent product and a dedication to understanding and supporting their customers, we saw a kindred spirit in the Kanoah team, said Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO of Adaptavist. What they've been able to achieve in 18 months is a testament to the value of the Atlassian ecosystem and the adoption of Atlassian software in the Enterprise. Kanoah is disrupting the testing market it's legacy-free and deeply integrated with Jira.

Joining forces with Adaptavist was a real no-brainer for us, said Cristiano Caetano, Co-founder of Kanoah. The Atlassian Marketplace model has allowed us to create a product and find an enthusiastic market quickly. Being part of Adaptavist will enable us to realise the full potential of Kanoah both as a Server Add-On and for Atlassian cloud. It will also mean we can accelerate product development for our customers.

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