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A Day In The Life of a Senior Software Engineer at Adaptavist - Kankemwa Ishaku

Milly Poole
19 December 19 Adaptavist
A Day In The Life of a Senior Software Engineer at Adaptavist - Kankemwa Ishaku
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A Day In The Life of a Senior Software Engineer at Adaptavist - Kankemwa Ishaku

We caught up with some of our team members to find out more about what daily life looks like for them at Adaptavist. First up in the series, Kankemwa Ishaku tells us all about being a Senior Software Engineer, at our HQ in London Waterloo.


In your own words, what do we do here at Adaptavist? 

We are one of the world's biggest Atlassian partners. We build apps, plugins and macros for Jira and Confluence, and provide consultancy on digital transformation and all things Atlassian. 

How did you come to work here? 

Saw an advert on Stack Overflow, checked out the company on Glassdoor, saw 5 stars and I was like, I think I want to work here and here I am! I was a software engineer at my previous company working on web applications.

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Tell me about a day in the life of a Senior Software Engineer?

My alarm goes off for 6:45am, I get pretty and then jump on the underground to get to the office shortly before 9am. I make myself a cup of green tea with two tea bags for that extra caffeine boost and eat breakfast whilst going through slack messages and emails. After that, It really depends if I am still working on a story from the previous day or picking up something new in which case, I check our product team scrum board on Jira for the next prioritised ticket. Standup is at 10:14am for about 15minutes. We go around in a circle and briefly talk about what we are working on for the day and if there any blockers. After that, back to my desk and code away until I break for lunch and later in the afternoon I break for snacks and another cup of tea. I typically leave the office around 5:30pm for the gym. 

Why do you like working here?

Snazzy offices and lovely colleagues. 

What’s the best thing about working for Adaptavist? 

Unlimited holidays!

On the flip side, what do you find most challenging about working here?

Working with Atlassian API and ecosystem, there is a lot of abstractions, which can be challenging. 

What’s your biggest achievement at Adaptavist so far? 

Refactoring Themebuilder to remove Guava. It is an achievement because the Themebuilder codebase is quite legacy and can be painful to work with. Helping the team move our engineering process to a better way to work based on adopting industry-standard practices such a Gitflow, how our stories should be broken down, continuous integration etc.

Tell us something about you that no-one else would know already… 

I have a genuine distaste for chocolate as a flavour in liquid form. It is weird! I don’t like chocolate flavoured milkshakes, protein shakes, drinks etcetera. Also, musicals are the worst! What’s the point of singing it if you can just say it?

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Where is Kanke based?

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