13 newsworthy stats from Atlassian’s software development trends reportImage
March 31, 2016

13 newsworthy stats from Atlassian's software development trends report

Adaptavist 2 minute read

With more than 50,000 customers and a heritage in the space, understanding software development trends is essential to Atlassian's business. They've just released the findings from a survey of how 1,300 customers are using agile, Git and continuous delivery. It throws up a number of telling statistics.

Of the 1,300 customers surveyed, 53% were in the software products business, followed by professional services (11%), media, entertainment and leisure (7%), financial services (6%) and healthcare (5%).

Use of agile, Git and continuous delivery

  • 80% of all software organisations practice agile development.
  • 85% of software organisations use a distributed version control system such as Git.
  • 65% of them practice continuous delivery.
  • 49% of respondents said that they practiced all three.
  • 50% of agile teams reported using a combination of agile and non-agile techniques.
  • 41% said that they had no plans to adopt agile practices.

Increasingly distributed and automated development

  • 72% of respondents said that some of their team works remotely.
  • 17% said that more than 50% of their team works remotely.
  • 28% said all the team worked in the same office.
  • 82% said that their source code management is integrated with a build system, issue tracker or both. JIRA Software and Bitbucket, for example.
  • Interestingly, 80% of respondents said the average dev team in their organisation consisted of 10 or fewer people.
  • Development teams larger than 1,000 people accounted for 5% of responses.

Containers are the hottest topic in software development

  • 56% of the customers surveyed use virtualisation and/or containerisation to spin up test, staging or production environments.

Atlassian have turned the survey results into an interactive resource which you can use to explore your own use of agile, Git and continuous delivery. Check it out here.