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Live Demo: ZDT (Zero DownTime Upgrade) of GitLab

GitLab is an essential tool that requires regular updates – but the downtime can be costly and incredibly frustrating for your teams. Watch Adaptavist's Principal DevOps Consultant, Gopal Rathi, talk you through a new setup that keeps downtime to a minimum.

In this event we cover:

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    An overview of GitLab multi-node reference architecture

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    The GitLab installation methods you should know

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    The impact of downtime on your organization

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    Overview of GET (GitLab Environment Toolkit) project to deploy Gitlab in AWS

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    Our zero downtime upgrade approach, including automation

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    A live GitLab minor version upgrade

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Upgrading GitLab without the downtime

Downtime can have a serious impact on your organization – on productivity, your reputation, your data security, your competitive advantage, and your bottom line. But the importance of keeping your GitLab instance up to date can't be understated. So what's the solution?

In this webinar, Gopal introduces you to GitLab's new omnibus multi-node setup – a hassle-free zero downtime process for upgrading GitLab to a new major, minor, or patch version. He'll explain the required architecture, benefits, and limitations – and walk you through a live demo so you can see how to get set up for yourself.

Adaptavist & GitLab: empowering digital transformation

Adaptavist's partnership with GitLab is a force to be reckoned with – and here's why. GitLab is one of our strategic partners, meaning we can leverage our capabilities to offer enhanced services and solutions. However, our alliance goes beyond mere collaboration.

As a proud member of the GitLab Select Channel partner network, we've taken a step further by achieving the Professional Services Certified Partner status in their Channel Services Program.

We know that accolades aren't everything, but our accreditations strengthen our ability to help organizations achieve their DevOps goals. Our objective is to deliver significant value to our customers, and our accreditations enhance our ability to do just that.

Together with GitLab, we deliver timely and efficient DevOps solutions that are continuously evolving and relevant. Our solutions span consulting and assessments, implementations, integrations, migrations, and training.

To explore more on our combined offerings and the power of our partnership, click here.

Event hosts and guests:

Gopal Rathi

Gopal Rathi

Principal DevOps Consultant, Adaptavist
Gopal Rathi is a DevOps subject matter expert and an experienced solutions architect. Gopal has several certifications under his belt, including Atlassian products, GitLab-certified PSE, AWS, Kubernetes, Jenkins, et al., to name a few, and he is passionate about driving business innovation and growth through DevOps practices and cutting-edge technologies.