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Scaling CI/CD

Scaling CI/CD in the enterprise

Watch GitLab's Adrian Waters and Adaptavist's Jobin Kuruvilla as they discuss scaling CI/CD for the enterprise.

In this event we cover:

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    Scaling CI/CD: Different ways CI/CD can be scaled for enterprise businesses

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    Strengthening your strategy: Breaking down the complexities of advanced CI/CD with real-world use cases

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    GitLab features: A live demonstration of each GitLab feature that can lead to successful CI/CD implementation

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Learn how to successfully scale CI/CD

Continuous integration and continuous delivery are the cornerstones of DevOps and modern software development practice. Wondering how you can scale your CI/CD strategy in the enterprise? This webinar breaks down the complexities of advanced CI/CD, such as merge trains, parent/child pipelines, and more.

We also explore different use cases, finishing off with a live demonstration of GitLab to highlight the features that can help you succeed in scaling! This webinar will advance the basic concepts of CI/CD, helping ensure your initiatives add value to the business and drive meaningful change.

Adaptavist & GitLab: empowering digital transformation

Adaptavist's partnership with GitLab is a force to be reckoned with – and here's why. GitLab is one of our strategic partners, meaning we can leverage our capabilities to offer enhanced services and solutions. However, our alliance goes beyond mere collaboration.

As a proud member of the GitLab Select Channel partner network, we've taken a step further by achieving the Professional Services Certified Partner status in their Channel Services Program.

We know that accolades aren't everything, but our accreditations strengthen our ability to help organizations achieve their DevOps goals. Our objective is to deliver significant value to our customers, and our accreditations enhance our ability to do just that.

Together with GitLab, we deliver timely and efficient DevOps solutions that are continuously evolving and relevant. Our solutions span consulting and assessments, implementations, integrations, migrations, and training.

To explore more on our combined offerings and the power of our partnership, click here.

Event hosts and guests:

Adrian Waters

Adrian Waters

Senior Solutions Architect, GitLab
Adrian is a Senior Solutions Architect at GitLab, with a long career encompassing the design, implementation and management of large-scale software development projects. Adrian will share his over twenty years of hands-on experience in complex software solution management, specialising in diverse sectors.

Jobin Kuruvilla

Jobin Kuruvilla

Head of Solutions Strategy
Jobin Kuruvilla is a DevOps subject matter expert, and an experienced solutions expert and App developer. Jobin has several certifications under his belt, including Atlassian products, GitLab certified PSE, AWS, Kubernetes, Jenkins to name a few, and has spearheaded implementing Digital Transformation for teams and enterprises.