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Man looking at GitLab Premium and GitLab Ultimate cards

GitLab: Empowering DevSecOps teams to build better software faster. (Premium to Ultimate)

In this webinar, we explore the different features of GitLab's Premium and Ultimate subscriptions. Our experts will help you decide which GitLab subscription is right for your needs and identify when it's time to upgrade.

In this event we cover:

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    An exploration of the different features of GitLab Premium and GitLab Ultimate

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    How to choose the right subscription, considering key factors such as how to accommodate scale, growth, and complex business requirements

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    An overview of the key differences between different GitLab subscription levels

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    What you need to consider when deciding to upgrade

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    All about GitLab’s free trial

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Deep dive into the different levels of GitLab

Whether you're a large enterprise or a growing business, a comprehensive DevSecOps platform like GitLab can support your teams from planning to production. Perhaps you've already discovered GitLab and are using a free or Premium subscription, or you might be approaching GitLab for the first time. Either way, as your requirements become more complex, your DevSecOps practice matures, and you scale towards the next growth stage, you might outgrow (or have already outgrown) your current plan. We're here to talk about what's next.

In this one-hour webinar, our GitLab and Adaptavist experts will discuss the different features of GitLab Premium and GitLab Ultimate, outline key considerations when choosing a plan, and help you decide which subscription best suits your needs.

Adaptavist & GitLab: empowering digital transformation

Adaptavist's partnership with GitLab is a force to be reckoned with – and here's why. GitLab is one of our strategic partners, meaning we can leverage our capabilities to offer enhanced services and solutions. However, our alliance goes beyond mere collaboration.

As a proud member of the GitLab Select Channel partner network, we've taken a step further by achieving the Professional Services Certified Partner status in their Channel Services Program.

We know that accolades aren't everything, but our accreditations strengthen our ability to help organizations achieve their DevOps goals. Our objective is to deliver significant value to our customers, and our accreditations enhance our ability to do just that.

Together with GitLab, we deliver timely and efficient DevOps solutions that are continuously evolving and relevant. Our solutions span consulting and assessments, implementations, integrations, migrations, and training.

To explore more on our combined offerings and the power of our partnership, click here.

Event hosts and guests:

Bart Zhang

Bart Zhang

Bart is a DevSecOps practitioner and an experienced Solutions Architect with experience spanning GitLab, Red Hat and IBM Cloud/Softlayer. Bart holds several industry-recognized certifications under his belt, including Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect, GitLab-certified PSE, and Red Hat Containers and DevOps certifications. Bart is passionate about driving business innovation and growth through applying DevSecOps practices and emerging technologies to organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Talgat Ryshmanov

Talgat Ryshmanov

Talgat has an illustrious professional journey of over 25 years, in infrastructure and architecture. His expertise extends across diverse domains: network management, information security, storage administration, DevOps and system design. Talgat's extensive knowledge and proficiency in these and other areas make him a highly skilled professional in his field.