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Atlassian Server, Cloud and Data Center price calculator

Move beyond Jira Server with confidence

Atlassian Server, Cloud and Data Center price calculator

What's the true cost of the different Atlassian deployment options?

Atlassian's recent changes to Server licensing for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and more mean now’s the time to carefully consider where your business goes next.

Whether you're unsure where to start, want to benefit from current Jira Server pricing, or are considering Cloud or Data Center to meet your business needs, we're here to unlock the complexity of Atlassian's licensing changes.

Calculate the cost of your Atlassian platform

Our comprehensive Atlassian licence calculator gives you a realistic picture of Atlassian licensing upgrade costs.

Simply add in the Atlassian tools you're using, your user tiers, and add-on apps — whether you have one or 100 — and we'll do the rest.

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Basic mode - based on a simple overview of your current tool usage

Number of users

Atlassian Products

These numbers are indicative only - please contact Adaptavist for a guaranteed licensing quotation

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