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Accelerate digital transformation through cloud technology to become more agile and increase innovation across your organisation

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Shifting to the cloud can dramatically lower costs, improve efficiency and make organisations more competitive. However, planning and implementing a move to the cloud isn't always a simple task. It's important to develop a cloud strategy that's right for your business and the needs of your users.

It's likely you are already using some forms of cloud technology—from storing files on Google Drive, to using Microsoft Teams or Zoom to connect with your colleagues. A defined cloud strategy can help you harness the power of your existing software and provide seamless integration between teams and tools.

Is cloud right for you?

One of the main benefits of cloud is that you don't require any equipment on site. This not only reduces the technical costs associated with running your own servers, but also lowers overhead as there is no equipment to maintain.

Often, if any issues occur with your infrastructure, these are resolved by your cloud provider which reduces the stress on your team. This also allows resources to be redeployed to other areas of the business where there is more impact on the bottom line, rather than just fighting fires. 

Another great benefit of cloud is the flexibility—you only pay for the number of users in your organisation, or even per gigabyte that you use.

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Cloud technology is ideal for...

Most businesses actually—there are so many cloud options that almost all businesses can benefit from some form of cloud technology. The real question is which cloud computing service model is right for your business, as this can affect the amount of control you have over your software and data. 

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Cloud hosting

Moving from on-premise hosting to a cloud provider has many benefits, from removing the burden of managing server equipment in-house to increasing flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to changes in your business.

As an Advanced Consulting Partner, we’re perfectly positioned to deploy, run, and manage every aspect of your AWS experience, including hosting. AWS delivers a resilient infrastructure and seamless cloud experience, powering the services your teams depend on.

Find out more about what we offer and why Cloud hosting and AWS are the perfect pair.

AWS not for you? We can also support other cloud hosting options.

AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Services Partner

Our cloud services

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Cloud migrations

Our cloud migration service helps you to move your essential software, such as Atlassian Jira, to a cloud deployment. This could be from an on-premise set-up, or consolidating existing cloud instances. No matter the scope of your project, our engineers are experienced in cloud migrations of all sizes and understand that each business is different.

Our bespoke packages focus on the needs of your users, and we work closely with you to ensure your new set-up provides everything your business needs to benefit from cloud deployment. 

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Winners of Atlassian Partner of the Year 2020: Cloud Migration Services

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Managed services

For many organisations, one of the main benefits of moving to the cloud is being able to outsource some of the more time-draining operational tasks. With Adaptavist Managed Services you can go one step further and pass additional technology management to our expert engineers. Outsource back-end infrastructure management, support, and even administration of your cloud based services with our range of Managed Services. 


Cloud solutions and DevOps work perfectly together in an environment designed for agility and flexibility. The cloud provides tools for centralised deployment and can offer support for built-in DevOps. For example, if DevOps teams need to assemble components for a solution in a specific way, advanced cloud automation capabilities can streamline the process and make it more repeatable.

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Atlassian Cloud licenses 

We offer tailored, co-termed licensing solutions that take the stress out of managing your Atlassian Cloud estate and ensure you get the best deal available for your business.

We are more than just a reseller—our team’s expertise as a leading Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise partner helps you get more value from your license portfolio while offering you a single point of contact from our team. 

5 reasons to move to the cloud

Cloud technology has many benefits for businesses of all sizes. For growing organisations, the easy scalability and flexibility of the cloud provides peace of mind for the performance of your software. Larger businesses can see greater continuity as everything is stored locally, and can be accessed and edited simultaneously. Smaller businesses have the advantage of being able to access enterprise-grade technology and security, with ease. 

In our blog, we highlight some of the reasons cloud might be right for your business. 

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