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7 ways software enables enterprise agility

Learn how enterprise agile planning tools work across the org to power agile transformation

adaptavist 7 ways software enables enterprise agility guide

How agile is your organisation? Are lean-agile practices in use by leadership and business teams, and not just software development?

Perhaps you're on a journey with SAFe®, or are using another approach to embed agility throughout the enterprise, to reap the benefits of an innovative culture and shorter time to market. If so, the right tooling can be a powerful enabler.

Take tooling seriously

In this brief guide, we look at how enterprise agile planning software can help bake agile in as you scale, building alignment across departments, and accelerating your transformation journey. We’ll cover:

  • Why scaling frameworks like SAFe® need the right toolset for adoption
  • How consistency – from language to backlog decomposition – can make all the difference
  • How technology can empower leadership by providing a central point of planning and tracking
  • What lean portfolio management means for tooling and how tools can help streamline the portfolio intake process
  • Why the flexibility and scalability of Jira Align help make it the leading enterprise agile planning solution

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