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Embracing a DevOps approach to slash implementation times and drive transformation

Top US insurer puts a DevOps approach at the heart of business-critical cloud migration strategy 

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Cloud migration of existing internally-built customer portal to AWS Server for improved scalability and customer experience

  • Establishing a DevOps approach and designing a CI/CD process for future continuous delivery
  • Ongoing consultancy to ensure tools can scale and meet evolving business needs
  • Atlassian training to support tool adoption and process streamlining across the business
  • An experienced partner to deliver the implementation and ongoing management of an Atlassian suite of CI/CD tools
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    Industry: Healthcare
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    Atlassian instances: Jira, Bamboo, Bitbucket
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    Atlassian stack users: 24/7 availability with zero downtime

Results at a glance

This customer successfully migrated from local data centres to AWS Cloud, and here are the results;

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    Atlassian application installation and configuration - for use across the organisation

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    Established a DevOps process - including best practices for the consumer portal team to follow

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    Integrated Bamboo with uDeploy- wrote a Bamboo add-on that works across environments to automate application deployments 

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    Implemented selective deployment for micro-services - wrote a Bitbucket Server add-on that takes specific business rules into consideration.
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    Added a deployment status gadget to Jira - providing greater visibility of commits, builds, and deployments associated with stories in a sprint

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    Implemented new branching workflow in Bitbucket Server - designed to support CI/CD for micro-services

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    Conducted comprehensive training in Git and Atlassian suite - to encourage tool adoption and mastery amongst the consumer portal team

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    Built a test automation strategy - to assist with delivering quality software efficiently in an agile environment

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    Redesigned the CI/CD process for continuous delivery to AWS - by closely collaborating with the customer and AWS on infrastructure design  

About the customer

The customer is one of the largest health insurance companies in the US, with a company mission to provide the best possible healthcare value for customers.

The challenge

This organisation provides healthcare services to its members online through an exclusive member portal that had been built in-house. However, the server-based portal no longer met the needs of their business or its millions of online users.

The customer sought to offer a seamless service and improved customer experience for every user going forward. To achieve this, the portal needed a major overhaul, including a move to a cloud platform to provide better scalability and security. The project extended beyond a lift and shift effort, however—the business also wanted to streamline development and operational processes with a technology solution based on an approach driven by Agile and DevOps.

Their biggest challenge was a cultural one. Development and operations teams were disjointed. Each team relied on its own set of tools, which functioned in silos without any integration. These existing tools also failed to support the organisation's vision of building an agile delivery cycle. To make matters worse, there was also no CI/CD pipeline or automated testing. All these limitations meant teams faced some fairly significant challenges in delivering quality software in quick succession.

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The solution

The customer looked for an all-in-one solutions provider to help overcome these limitations and deliver its cloud-based portal. The search led them to Adaptavist, an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner and a DevOps solution expert. Adaptavist streamlined the development and operational processes using an agile and DevOps principles, while a new DevOps process was implemented to deliver the overhauled portal and manage its seamless migration to the cloud.