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Unveiling our work management report: Productivity is not a place

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In our first Special work management report: 'Productivity is not a place,' we explore our survey results about the future of work and teams, answering the big questions:

  • Is our productivity impacted by where we work?
  • How do we approach collaboration and communication?
  • What is the link between culture, morale, and productivity?
  • Are tracking tools becoming commonplace?
  • Are we using work management tools, and if so, which ones are we investing in?
  • How do we really feel about the rise of AI?
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The results, collected from 500 knowledge workers across the UK, US, and Canada, deliver exciting, compelling, and actionable insights into the modern workplace and teamwork.

The report includes a foreword from our CEO Simon Haighton-Williams and commentary from experts across The Adaptavist Group, including Kolekti General Manager Adam Wignall and esteemed work management industry partners Atlassian and 

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"In the knowledge worker economy, morale is essential for productivity. And the indications are clear; to boost morale, workers need to be trusted to choose how they work and where they work. Recognising knowledge workers as value creators with individual needs fosters a collaborative work environment, which will positively impact your bottom line."
Adam Wignall, General Manager of Kolekti, part of The Adaptavist Group

Take a look at some of our findings below, and head over to the Special work management report: Productivity is not a place to download the full report.

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What can you expect from the report?

As the report title suggests, our survey results demonstrate that location has become less of a factor impacting productivity. 99% of our respondents were given the choice of their work environment—a significant and highly proactive leadership step.

We learned that people perceive their capacity to get their work done, regardless of location, as based more on their ability to collaborate and communicate. The survey proved that morale and productivity increase when employees are trusted to do their jobs and have the time and opportunity to do so.

Despite the media attention around tracking or surveillance tools, our research shows that hybrid workers feel less pressure (24% report some pressure) to be visible online than office workers (33% report some pressure). For knowledge workers, the concept of tracking software runs contrary to the nature of their work and may easily result in inaccurate readings.

An overwhelming 98% of our respondents reported having a work management solution in their workplace, and we explored some of the tools most used.

Finally, we found positivity around the growth of AI, its uses and potential applications, learning that almost three-quarters (73%) of companies surveyed confirmed they are investing in AI, with the other 25% intending to do so in the next six months.

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Excited to delve deeper?

These insights are the top-level findings from our first work management survey. Get your copy of the full report for more in-depth analysis and actionable recommendations.

Read the full report
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