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Maximising Jira Service Management with Atlassian Intelligence

An AI robot connecting the service desk to the ITSM solution

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way organisations work. AI features and solutions are quickly becoming more commonplace in how we work, communicate, and collaborate in the workplace. As a result, many businesses are incorporating AI into their strategy. 

Atlassian leverages powerful AI technology in its latest groundbreaking solution: Atlassian Intelligence. But how does AI feature in Atlassian Intelligence, and how can you use it to take Jira Service Management (JSM) to the next level? Let’s find out.

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Artificial intelligence vs Atlassian Intelligence

According to IBM, ‘AI is technology that enables computers and machines to simulate human intelligence and problem-solving capabilities.’ Bolstering other technologies alongside AI allows it to perform tasks that would otherwise require some human intervention. This is where Atlassian Intelligence comes in.

Atlassian Intelligence brings the power and capabilities of AI to Atlassian's cloud products. It integrates AI across a suite of solutions designed to empower teams to fast-track collaboration and accelerate productivity. It uses the Teamwork graph, which is unique to your teams' project or service work, along with internal language models and OpenAI to provide a native artificial intelligence experience. Using this unique combination, Atlassian Intelligence delivers results specific to your organisation’s context, your teams, and your processes, while respecting the privacy of your data.

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Accelerate your ITSM solution with Atlassian Intelligence

You can use Atlassian Intelligence to unlock intelligent experiences across the Jira Service Management platform. Here are some of the main features that can help you accelerate productivity and deliver exceptional services:

AI-powered virtual agent

The virtual agent in JSM provides fast, conversational, and automatic responses from within Slack. It uses a built-in AI engine that leverages best-in-class Natural Language Processing to analyse and understand intent, sentiment, context, and profile information to personalise interactions through custom intent flows.

Using the virtual agent, you can deflect repetitive requests with confidence and enable your team to focus on more important work. For complex issues that need a human touch, the virtual agent escalates tickets with pre-gathered context so your team can get up to speed quickly.

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A demo of Jira Service Management using Atlassian's artificial intelligence with virtual agent to request access to Adobe

AI summaries

Atlassian Intelligence’s summarise feature recaps information on a Jira Service Management issue, which helps you save time wading through numerous comments. Using this feature, you can easily loop in new stakeholders, transition tickets to a new agent, or get up to speed on an issue.

The AI summarise feature works well alongside the virtual agent. It can provide easy-to-digest information for complex intent flows where the virtual agent has asked multiple questions to gather information from the customer.

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A demo of Jira Service Management using Atlassian's artificial intelligence to summarise comments in tickets

Generative AI for comments

Generative AI helps create and improve your responses to customers. Using the features that support clear and thoughtful communication, you can craft better responses, adjust the tone of your replies, summarise a lengthy knowledge base article to provide concise instructions, and more. Here’s a glance at what you can expect:

  • Change the tone of a comment to sound more professional or empathetic. This feature enables you to adjust the style or mood of the text to meet the needs of a variety of customer situations.
  • Make your message shorter to be more concise with language so customers can quickly understand the essential points of a conversation.
  • Use the brainstorm feature to inspire and begin a customer repose. Atlassian Intelligence can generate suggestions to get you started and speed up issue resolution.
  • Improve your writing with suggestions to correct grammar, word choice recommendations, formatting, and more.
  • Summarise lengthy content into a concise summary, making it easier to understand and digest. Atlassian Intelligence considers factors such as the frequency of certain words or phrases, word context within the text, and sentiment or importance.
  • Fix spelling and grammar by identifying and correcting spelling and grammar mistakes in your customer responses.
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A demo of the Atlassian Intelligence feature in Jira Service Management changing the tone of voice when writing responses.

Generative AI for knowledge base articles

In addition, generative AI can be used for knowledge base articles. Directly within Confluence, you can brainstorm ideas to create content for a new article, ensure your spelling and grammar are correct, and change the tone of your article.

Request type and field suggestions

Finally, you can use Atlassian Intelligence to generate request type and field suggestions for your project. The request type feature makes intelligent suggestions based on how you describe your work and what your team typically manages. You can then view request type options that Atlassian Intelligence suggests across a range of use cases, including IT and HR, and afterwards, add the selected request type to your service desk. Once created, you can ask Atlassian Intelligence to suggest what existing fields should be added or new fields could be created that would be helpful for this request type.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of Atlassian Intelligence features for Jira Service Management by Andrea Robbins, a Technical Consultant at Adaptavist.

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Using Atlassian Intelligence in Jira Service Management

Getting started with Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian Intelligence is embedded in the Atlassian suite of products like Jira, Jira Service Management, Confluence, and Jira Work Management to increase your team’s productivity and extract insights from issue data, using those insights to streamline data-driven decision-making.

Atlassian Intelligence is available to customers with Premium and Enterprise plans. Starting 6 May, it will be automatically activated across all cloud products, so if you meet the criteria, you don’t need to take any action. However, admins and users can immediately begin using Atlassian Intelligence features by enabling it in your organisation settings to optimise individual and team productivity.

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Need help getting your Jira Service Management AI-ready?

If you need help understanding the maturity of your ITSM practice or how to get your Jira Service Management AI-ready, we can help. Speak to our experts to find out how you can harness the full power of AI.

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